Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

I just loved the way these little Sweet Autumn clematis flowers looked when I took their picture .. white can be such a difficult "colour" to photograph because it can glow back at the camera and you don't get a lot of detail .. but I was lucky with this one !
My bee in the lower picture was one of many loving the sedums in the garden .. it was a "bee party" in fact .. so many of them investigating every inch of the flower heads not wanting to miss a speck of pollen or nectar .. they were doing a great job and would get a star from me if I was an inspector ?
OK ... I am at a total loss as to what kind of bug this is .. and if you look at the picture below it certainly looks like two bugs having a private party of their own ? giggle snort giggle .. but really ? does anyone know what these bugs are ?
I am very curious !
See what I mean .. I am not sure if it is a "love in" or a "I am king of the hill and get out of here!!"
Last picture is of my Flame Amur Maple's earrings ? .. they remind me of earrings for some reason .. they hung on all season  and now look very Autumny ? .. OK .. I just really like the way this picture turned out ;-)
P.S. .. well as you can read, it is impossible for me to be "wordless" ... BIG sigh !


The Sage Butterfly said...

I also love how all your photos turned out...especially the last one. It has such a beautiful tone for autumn.

Karen said...

They kind of look like cicadas but they are too small. They sure are ugly! I really like the last shot too.

CiNdEe said...

It is almost time for Halloween decorations to be pulled out here! I am waiting for a little fall like weather Might have to do it sooner though cuz it does not seem like that is happening to soon!(-: Hope all is well at your house(-:

Marguerite said...

Glad I'm not the only one that has trouble photographing white. Seems to me that might be an ambush bug in your photo. I haven't seen one personally but I've seen similar photos on other blogs.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Ah don't worry, I'm kind of wordy myself. Love that you explained everything to us. And those pumpkin shots on your sidebar...LOL. gorgeous.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

I just love that colorful and season appropriate banner. Good choice.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello SB and thank you so much !
The season is slowly changing and I can't wait for the trees to put their party dresses on : )

Karen girl that picture of the road in the woods was awesome! The lighting was beautiful and it all made me want to talk a walk in that area : )

Cindee girl how are you? I have meant to drop an e-mail by now .. I'm so darn wrapped up in things here .. YES !! I am hoping for a great Autumn too .. I think the trees got enough rain to create the gorgeous colours I love .. fingers crossed : )

Marguerite girl .. white can be a huge problem .. I try to photograph it in a bit of shade like my white roses .. it shines back at the camera a lot and is a pain when you want a good picture !
These bugs have been a mystery to me but I will look that up for sure, thanks !

Thanks Jen girl .. you would have laughed at me and my fumble with Pinterest ..A complete an utter "DUH ?" moment .. but I got that recipe !!! LOL

Thanks Donna girl .. I searched last year's headers and I loved this one .. it will do until I can create another one to start this year off : )

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Love all the Halloween Decor Joy! Spooky looking insect, never have seen one like this. My autumn clematis is just getting ready to bloom. It is huge and makes its own canopy over the pergola.


Lona said...

What fabulous pictures Joy.I love your header picture girl! One more month.
About the question of the phlox. I have a few and the ones that did not mildew for me this year were. Frantz Schubert, Bright Eyes or Polka Dot (depends on where you by it as to the name), Laura,Orange Perfection, and Nicky. If you like variegated leaves Nora Leigh is fab.

Lola said...

Love you header & that side bar with those pumpkins, oh my. Your pics sure are good. Thanks for explaining all.

Lola said...

Oh, don't know about the bugs. kinda looks like a stink bug in the 1st pic. Let us know.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen gilr thank you !
Sweet Autumn is one vigorus beautiful clematis and I am glad mine are happy : ) It is something I can really count on for Autumn!

Lona girl thank you ! I don't know why I have "Phlox fear" other than I really hate powdery mildew and avoid plants that seem to be magnets for it .. I am making note of these for next year. thanks again : )

Lola girl thank you : ) I can't help myself with Autumn and Halloween .. it just "does it" for me LOL
I still have no idea what these bugs are .. I'll call them the mystery couple ? haha

Anonymous said...

I can't see those bugs well enough to tell what they are, hopefully it's a beneficial since they seems to be "multiplying"! I get mad when the Japanese Beetles do that in my garden. I certainly don't want more of the darned things! I usually send them to their death together in my cup of soapy water! OMG