Saturday, 10 September 2011

Shadow Shot Time

I know .. I shouldn't repeat myself every time I post for this meme .. but it does seem to me that time is flying by ! .. It could be said not fast enough for certain things to be accomplished but that is the way of life in general right ? Timeis a contridiction to itself for many people .. on one hand too fast and on the other too slow.
I caught this scenario yesterday afternoon (boy, it was a hot day .. I did a bit of a putter in the garden and PHEW !) .. in any case .. there are multiple shadows in this picture so I am covering a lot of ground this week .. or should I say deck ?
Remember to visit Tracy's place Hey Harriet to see many more shadows wanting to be seen ;-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I see that halloween is creeping into your blog decor. I like the little pine in a pot. Happy SSS.

RPS77 said...

Very nice - the potted plants look just as healthy as those in the rest of your garden.

Karen said...

A great shadow shot! Yep, before you know it, it will be Christmas! The hemlocks smell like sweet pipe tobacco.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : )
My little pine gets called the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" it is so frail and small looking .. it has been dwarfed ? by me and is actually an Austrian Pine .. can you believe that ?
Yes girl !! Halloween is coming : )

Hello RP and thank you : )
Last year I had pots dumped by now yet most are still hanging onthis year .. but soon we will have to clean the shed and do the deeds for Autumn clean up and they will either go in the garden or the compost bag .. no waste happening!

Karen girl I so wish I could smell that .. I love sweet pipe tobacco smell ! I am going to have to track down some of this to sniff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy!!! I am LOVING your blog header and all the cool, cool pumpkins down your sidebar. Wow ~ so inspirational ~ makes me want to get fancy this year. I have carved a really fancy owl (Martha Stewart style) a couple years ago but I think it's time to try again. :-)
Your shadow shot is very cool. Have a good weekend!

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the multiple shadows.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Sylvia K said...

Great shadow shot for the day and I love your header! The older I get the faster time flies!! Darn!!! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Ralph said...

The needles on that potted evergreen leave a shadow that is almost cute! Shadows seem their best under a strong sun, so it was difficult to decide whether to gather shadows or tend to your garden. Decisions...decisions. Your deck is lovely, the floral arrangements divine and so stylish!

Vetsy said...

Joy I like your shadow shots, but your Halloween decor is over shadowing the shadow shots.. They are the cutest! and some are really fancy! I tried to pick out the one I'd liked the most, but that was hard because I liked them all..

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

For me, time passes too quickly, too.
Very nice shadow shot.

Regards and best wishes

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kathleen girl and thank you : ) I have never been able to do a fancy carving .. too fumbly ? LOL
I would have loved to see your owl ! .. Make sure if you do one to take a photo so I can see it?!!

Hello there Kay and thank you ! Your statue was gorgeous : )

Thank you Sylvia and how true is that ? when we were young it took forever and now that we are older it is whizzing by ! LOL

Ralph you are such a sweetheart, thank you : ) I loved seeing those little faces waiting for the bus and the new school year ahead of them .. brings back memories for sure !

Vetsy girl I had to send you an e-mail because the blog police over at your place would not let me leave a comment? LOL .. I hope your move goes well and wow ! South Carolina where my son will eventually move to .. how funny is that ? Yup .. I am a Halloween NUT

Tatjanna thank you very much .. your shot told many possible stories about that man ... the picture opens a floodgate of words.

Spadoman said...

Enjoy the heat as you know what's going to be happening soon in the Northland. Nice shot, by the way. A lot of intricate shadows. I like to enlrage this photo and examin them all.


chubskulit said...

Lovely shadow capture!!!

Please come and see my shadows at Nostalgic Marveling, have a blessed Sunday!

John McElveen said...




John McElveen said...

OK: I'm definitely hooked!!!



A Wild Thing said...

And oh so soon that beautiful deck will be snow laden, say it isn't so!!! But the changes they are upon us...did we have summer, I think I may have missed it and am dreading dragging out all the winter clothes, didn't I just put them away!!!

90's tomorrow...what next!!!

Anonymous said...

Not only is my yellow knockout rose fragrant, it is the most fragrant thing in my whole garden! The day I spotted it at the garden center, I was standing there thinking "what smells so incredible?" and when I found out it was a knockout, I was in shock. So it jumped right into my shopping cart!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Joe and thank you : ) I enjoyed reading your post and seeing those amazing aerial photos your friend took ! I recognized the show "home" once you took the over all shot . hope the weather improves for you soon down there !

Thanks chubskulit : hope your weekend was a good one !

John if you come back to check your comments (thanks BTW : ) I couldn't get a shot of the moon last night .. cloud cover for the next two days but I have my fingers crossed for later on this week !

Sharon girl you have to come to terms with winter weather right ? LOL .. I think mentally I missed this whole summer and we had a rotten Spring so I missed the whole season really ? ;-)
But don't rush it too fast .. lets have a nice Autumn first ? LOL

Robin girl I just saw your last post and those pictures were AWESOME !!! what camera did you use and what is the official name of that knockout rose so I can get it for next year ? I must have it if not for the fragrance alone? LOL

.............................. said...

Hi Joy,
Great header! I like to decorate with gourds and those little mini-pumkins at this time of year. It was super hot yesterday wasn't it! It didn't feel very fallish. Nice shadow shot on the deck!