Friday, 14 October 2011

Moon Friday

A criss cross morning sky
"cold" Fashioned Moon
A closer look of it's face ?
A slanted table, that the moon never quite sits upon ?
It "graduated" to a shade of "tint"
These pictures were just a few "moons" ago


Anonymous said...

The moon was so pretty here this morning too. Great photos Joy...been watching the show?

Karen said...

What splendid captures of the moon! It looks so delicate in the morning sky. You should link up this post with Sky Watch Friday!


NICE job, Joy dear! I love how you captured the moon's craters on the close-ups. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Darla girl : )
We are having stormy weather now .. plays havoc with me and darn it , it tears the leaves off the trees with the wind and rain before we can have the Autumn Show .. not a good year (and I was so waiting for THAT!)

Karen girl hello there : )
Thank you ! I mean to link up with that meme but I just keep dipping my toes in it ? wink wink

Thanks Grace girl .. it will be a very windy rainy weekend .. good time to get in touch with myself ?
meaning ... ZZZZZ ?? LOL