Friday, 25 November 2011

My Sky Watch Friday

This sky happened a few mornings ago and it was simply amazing.
The pictures only show half the drama as I watched it ..
The texture and colour of the clouds were contrasted by the stark black tree branches and it was perfect !

I had to enlarge these two pictures so you could really see the impact of the almost delicate jet trail when compared to the huge sky and these beautiful clouds .. the other pictures will enlarge if you click on them too .. but these were my favourite ones .. like a shooting star in the fantastic sky : )

Too soon the show was over .. but I wanted to show you the "big" picture of how I shot this over my neighbor's roof ... I think they must wonder ? what I see all the time while I have my camera pointed at them .. er ? .. their roofs ?
There is the final shot of the show .. to give you perspective of how I zoom in to catch the details.
The reason I don't join the official Skywatch Friday is because you are not supposed to post any commentary (according to the rules I have read) .. I can't "not" say anything .. so this is my little
"Sky Watch Friday"  wink wink


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You couldn't even see our sky this morning. The area was covered with fog. Happy SWF.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Yes, I can hear them complaining to each other..."honey, there she is AGAIN!!! with that camera."

"What does she think, she's going to catch us in our PJ's"

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Karen said...

Oooooo, terrific shots Joy! I always shoot above roofs. The bain of living in the suburbs!
I didn't see anywhere in the Skywatch Friday rules that you can't post any commentary. I am always babbling on and so is everyone else!

CiNdEe said...

SO pretty! I know what you mean...Wordless Wednesday was the same and you know me...can't keep my mouth shut let alone my fingers from I enjoy the commentary(-: Thanks for sharing(-:

Gatsbys Gardens said...


We have not gotten any snow yet but supposedly it is coming on Sunday. It was 57 degrees today so I kept cleaning up the garden, cutting some roses, lilies, putting up Christmas decor and lights. That sky certainly looks menacing!


Anonymous said...

I never feel we get those dramatic skies, but lately there has been some with storm clouds like you photographed so nicely. Today we had a pretty pink sunset, but I did not stop to capture it. Love that sky you did get.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl !
Fog is so vexing isn't it .. especially when you really want to get some pictures for a meme !!LOL

Jen girl hello there : )
I swear they must wonder ? about me ? or maybe they do anyways ? LOL
One neighbor is up at 5 like I am but he has to go to work where as I stay in my pjs and shuffle around with coffee in hand ? ;-)

Karen girl I swear I read it in the rules some where and not being able to use any other keys than normal letters or something strange .. it just threw me off a bit. Yes shooting above roofs .. sounds like a movie to me ? LOL

Cindee girl I knew you were like me too : ) Hey that owl was awesome girl .. you holding it and letting it fly away like that .. did the parakeet get a fright with the band on the window ? poor thing! That fan flower is fan-tastic ! and will out live us all no doubt !!

Eileen girl : ) I so wish I had your energy, truly !!
I love your decorations for the house .. the tree is perfect .. the mantle on the fire place is so pretty .. everything is absolutely gorgeous " ) come over here and help me please ??? LOL

Donna girl thank you so much : )
The skies have been so weird lately .. so many mornings when there was nothing to photograph and then this morning was awesome so I snapped away .. your get odd weather way down there in your part of Ontario don't you ;-)
Ahhhhh we can't do anything about it at all .. BIG sigh ! wink wink