Thursday, 24 November 2011

Snow .. Oh No! .. and .. Ho Ho !

The 'Boys in the Hood" were not happy yesterday and not today either ....

The poor Morning Doves gathered on wires and trees .. and frozen bird bath .. I felt so sorry for them !
They added up to 8 in the yard at one time ..
Winthrop was not happy but he knew this was coming ... so he dug ? in and grumbled.
Thinking Gargoyle was the worst off, almost ? with an ice goatee ?
However ... Pot Pixie has a big smile on her face and a shovel in her tiny hands !
....... and there is a bit of "Ho Ho Ho" in the air !!


Lea said...

Winter Wonderland!
I hope you put out some birdseed for the doves.
Last year we had snowfall on Christmas Day! Very unusual for us.
I enjoy your blog, even though I don't comment a lot.
Mississippi, USA

Vetsy said...

I'll take the Ho Ho! and No snow! I feel for the boys in the Hood.

I hope you have found some place cozy and warm in your lovely home to just sit and peer out of your window with your cats.

It has gotten cold here in the South Carolina a few times..So far just a little frost, but no snow so far.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I can't remember what day Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving but I know it's before ours.

We are just celebrated it on our side of the border today. Have a wonderful day and stay warm and cozy!

Lona said...

Oh dear, not that old white stuff.No wonder the boys are upset. We may get some next week but I am hoping not much. Have fun in the snow. Or maybe just stay indoors and decorate. LOL!

Meggie said...

Oh shock! Snow!! What a surprise!
Yesterday we've got our new Super Snow Shovels. But I still really want to have no snow!Not yet!!at Christmas - that's ok.
My shock is that a rose has lice - now!!
Oh Joy girl, we have a hard time - lol
Slowly it's my back better and I sit again at the PC ;-)
Take care

Karen said...

Quite the storm there Joy! I must admit, I love snow! We still don't have any. Great pics of the garden guys and girl. Keep warm!

Crafty Gardener said...

Yikes, snow. Hope we don't return home to any of that.

Barry said...

Joy.... Goodness! The ground remains bare here and they are talking 12 degrees and 10m of rain by Sunday. I really would rather the snow myself, but I had better be careful what I wish for!

Anonymous said...

It does look so cold! It's just beautiful though Joy. Now that our Thanksgiving is over we can concentrate on Christmas.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This snow would put me in the christmas spirit too. Winter has definitely descended upon your garden. Keep warm.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lea : )
Yes it was a winter wonderland for a bit here .. but it is late and we shouldn't be surprised with it at all ?!
YES !! husband is the "bird-man" he spoils them with seed .. we both love to watch them out there with their funny antics .. we try to keep them feed and at ease being here.
I appreciate you stopping by Lean .. no worries on commenting or not girl : )

Vetsy girl !! How are you ?!
I have to get over to your blog and see who things are with you settling in SC : ) where my son will be eventually with his wife.
Yes : ) the girls and I and husband and son too watch what the birds are up to in the back yard all the time ... DDL has been teasing son how "warm" it is there in SC .. she is coming for Xmas here so it might be shocking again for her, haha.
Thank you for the TG wishes .. I am actually cooking a turkey tomorrow just because we love it so much (the soup is great this time of year too!) Hope you are having a great time down there with the family !! : )

Lona girl I have had the decorating up and down in my mind so much it almost seems that I have done it already .. NOT !!
All my great intentions are stuck in my head still !LOL

Meggie girl I owe you and e-mail and I laughed at the UFO video girl: )hehehehe
I'm so sorry you are having a hard time with your naughty back too .. seems we are both stuck in the same grind .. eekk !!

Hello there Karen girl : )thank you ! It is strange how even some close areas didn't have snow .. but this is called "Lake Affect" and we can't get some pretty weird stuff happening via Lake Ontario .. I only want snow (just a dusting to make things look clean and pretty) for Xmas .. then I want SPRING right away ! haha

Linda the weather is switching back and forth all the time .. it will be hard to know until the last minute whether you will have to face the white crunch when you get home .. fingers crossed though !! Hope the trip has been going really well for you guys : )

Barry sweetie you better be careful what you wish for is right ! haha .. it is almost gone here .. and we have the same forecast as you do .. this weather is bad for the garden .. I will be nervous come Spring as to what comes through it all unscathed !!

Darla girl I hope TG went really nicely : ) hey do you do that Black Friday thing ? .. we get bombarded by commercials about it all .. it is a bit overboard .. I hope no one gets hurt this year!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl your comment floated in cyberspace some how and come in now.. weird cyberspace things happen on blogs ? LOL Yes it does put you in the Xmas spirit .. but it has almost all gone and with warm temps and rain coming .. but hey .. I know it will be back!! Thanks girl : ) keep warm too !

Lola said...

Yikes, that white stuff. Hope you had a really great time for Thanksgiving. Winthrup & friends don't seem to mind too much.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola girl .. as a Canadian we have our Thanksgiving the second Monday of October but hey , thanks again ? LOL
And .. I am actually cooking a small turkey today for "afters" especially ... sandwiches and soup ! LOL