Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Warm Fly vs. Warmify ?

My friend Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams has had a great giggle over a misconception of mine that literally has gone on for years !  Now how could I have done that ?
The brain is a mysterious, intricate computer of sorts .. it can fire the wrong signals or should I say "not kick me in the pants" when I think I see a word so scrambled it is too funny .. and yet I let it go by forever because I really didn't stop to "THINK" about it.
Who in their right mind would accept a description of "Warm Fly" for a photograph filter ..
Yes .. I have mentioned this just recently but I am still boggled by how my .. hum .. brain thinks or how this driver drives its brain pan ?
In any case .. this is for Jen and anyone else that has had this conversation ? with me ..  bless your little booties I have seen the light and forever will call this filter WARM FLY 'cause Jen said SO !
Giggle snort giggle .. my brain got to used to it .. BIG sigh .. for the rest of you normal people it is "warmify" which makes so much more sense .. what can I say other than ..
This was NOT wordless Wednesday by any stretch of the imagination ?


Helen said...

Perhaps you can compromise and call it warmiflied? After all, the shots do have birds in them. Very nice, by the way.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Jen is great isn't she?

Karen said...

Lovely images. Warm Fly...hee hee.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hey Joy, I am forever going to call it Warm fly, I love that description.

In fact I used Warm Fly in all of the photos from Armstrong. I forgot to mention that it was in honour of there it is.

Giggling over in White Rock.

Hugs to you Joy.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Lona said...

Well of course I would not have known the difference. LOL! The pictures are gorgeous no matter what the filters name is. I love the hues and the bird in flight. Have a wonderful week Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Helen girl and thank you !
I very much enjoyed your post too: )

Darla girl you naughty gardener .. you have so much to enjoy down there I might get on my spare broomstick to come see that garden and greenhouse !
Yes Jen is a card !! LOL

Thank you Karen girl and glad I can give you a chuckle between Jen and I going on about my warm ? fly? wink wink

OK Jen .. I give you permission to use my "warmfly" girl wink wink !
I think I got over there to say how good they looked (antique type of look even without sepia)
The more giggles the better I say ! especially now when a sense of humour is NEEDED !!!! LOL

Lona girl you are too sweet, thank you !
hey .. have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving this weekend .. an American TV station had "Gone with the Wind" on all day and night , it was terrific : ) !!!!