Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Wordless Wednesday ?

It is SO hard to be "wordless"   !!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

No words needed, it gorgeous, and speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

You almost managed! This is really nice.

Anonymous said...

You and me both sister! I don't think I've ever been wordless in my life!

Marguerite said...

LOL, Joy I couldn't agree more. I've never been able to do a wordless post, seems I just have too much to say. Such as how stunning that photo is. Autumn photos really are the best with all the colours on the leaves.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Karen girl : )
Loved Mr./Ms. Quack picture .. beautiful crisp clean shot !
Thank you girl !

Sandy girl .. I am in awe of your frosted leaves shot let alone that amazing beach to walk on .. when can I move in with you ? hehehe

Ms Robin sista' we just can't be wordless eh ? that shot of the bee in the snapdragon was amazing !
This weather is WEIRD !! eeekk !

Marguerite girl : ) thank you so much .. almost all the leaves here are down .. with more wind and rain it won't be long until we are leafless ? LOL