Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dave and the "Queen"

I know a few of you may be wondering about Dave and the Boys'n the Hood .. They have been moved to their winter station so we can keep them company at the deck door when we look out into the vast wilderness of my back garden ? wink wink
They are happy now .. even if Dave still suffers from his cracks more so in winter .. we really have to do something about that for him ! the other "boys" just have to put up with his complaints ?
This is not the best of pictures .. but my neighbor's "Burning Bush" was so beautiful I had to try and capture a shot from the deck door .. if only these shrubs had other season interest to entice me a wee bit more ?

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple has to be my darling right now .. she is stunning and I am so totally in love with her for giving me the show I missed from this year's "crop failure" ..
 Our local trees lost their leaves(there is a song in there some where ?) before they could show off any colour due to rain and wind and more wind .. nasty weather that stripped my hopes for beautiful leaves to photograph .. BIG sigh !
So I will enjoy the last of this brilliant colour she has graciously given me .. it is shown off in contrast with the gentle gray of Dusty Miller and the contrast of Black Lace Sambucus .. you have to love it when plants of all nature smile together ?


Barbarapc said...

I'm glad the boys are all up high. There is nothing worse than being buried in snow in the back 40 during the winter months. Do they dress up for Christmas?

Karen said...

Love the fiery reds! I bring my one lone gargoyle in for winter

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Those boys look like they are pretty well set for the winter. I just love that Japanese Maple, so colorful this time of year. We still have a lot of leaves falling and the colors were better this year than I remember in the past.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Barb girl : )
Yup ! They are very happy to be up and away from possible snow drifts etc .. just not right to do that to them eh ? LOL
I will really try for some little scarves to keep them festive ! LOL

Karen girl I am sure your gargoyle appreciates you taking such good care of him : ) .. I leave the boys out since they are tough Canucks that thrive ? on winter ? LOL

Hi there Eileen girl .. the boys are set ! YES !!! Crimson Queen was a little more expensive but the wow ! factor is so totally worth it : ) This year for us truly sucked .. no pictures of beautiful country leaves at all .. a first for me ;-(

The Garden Ms. S said...

Wow, that IS stunning! Love how lacy the foliage it too. Nothing brilliant left here (except maybe me!! lol) :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S girl : )
I loved the frosty bench shot .. we had a few frosty morning but they were offset with such warm weather in between I am at a loss for truly good frost pictures darn it !