Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Word ....Less ? Wednesday

I know .. here I go "bending" ? the rules to this Wednesday post yet again .. but all of my friends know I can't be wordless ;- )
A few nights ago number one son alerted me to a fantastic moon rising from the north.
It was orange/yellow and half of it peeked over a house in the distance .. it was truly a magnificent ....
 I know .. there she goes again with Halloween .. but seriously it was fantastic!
The problem is my camera can't capture night shots ..
BUT .. it caught the bold circle of light from the moon through some of my vines over the deck trellis and there it is with a ring of yellow and bony fingers of the vine ... now how do you like THAT !    wink wink


Barbee' said...

I thought Halloween as soon as I saw the photo!

Anonymous said...

That is a good shot! Be sure to remember it for next Halloween.

So what that you do Wordy Wednesdays!


Winking back atcha. :) It's a great shot and it looks like bony fingers all right. How have you been, girl friend? I hope you're doing well. Are you ready for Christmas? Yeah right. LOL. Chat soon.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbee' girl now that is what I am talking about ! LOL
Glad another gal is seeing my version ? LOL

Sandy girl I have been seeing fantastic shots from you .. lurking sorry ! LOL .. Your nephew caught a wonderful shot down that road ! and I always love seeing that chickadee picture : ) they are such sweet characters !

Gracie girl .. I have been up and down with some things (problems controlling the pain) sort of knocks me out of the ball park and I haven't been myself or visiting blogs .. I am so not ready yet for Xmas .. but I am trying !! Hope you are good and not too tired from work ?

Anonymous said...

I like it and see the bony fingers. I too thought Halloween moon. Hope all is going well for you and your health. I have been thinking about you from a comment you left.

Marguerite said...

One reason I never do wordless Wednesday - I can't stop talking! Wasn't that moon something else. I was singing carols last weekend out of doors and saw that moon rise up over the hill, just magnificent.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Donna girl thank you ! You are very sweet : ) I loved your post with those wonderful pictures .. and that crying rose is stuck in my mind now ? LOL .. it was perfect !

Marguerite that night the moon was rising was just amazing .. it should have been for Halloween!!
Now you are in the mood girl : )
I sort of am too .. getting there?