Friday, 13 January 2012

The Dove's Icy Plight

I felt so sorry for the doves yesterday ... this lonely one with no partner to help warm him/her ?
I even felt guilty taking pictures of them in their icy situation .. this one looking back at me as if to say "stop looking at us !"
So with pictures taken and alerting husband to their plight .. seed was thrown on top of the ice covering their usual pecking place.
Today a lot of it has melted and we are in for perhaps some rain .. but it is ever changing and I have no idea what will really happen next !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The surprises of weather is what makes winter especially interesting. I do feel sorry for the wildlife. The doves show it all here. They are all puffed up to keep warm. It is cold here too. Only we have snow and cold wind. Brrrr Do take care if you get out.

Anonymous said...

The photo makes a beautiful banner - the combination of the soft gray doves and the icy branches. I love mourning doves, though they can get a little overwhelming when 20 or 30 of them arrive at your one little feeder.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are excellent!!! Who knows what the weather will do next, keeps things interesting though.

Lona said...

Poor little things. I always wonder how their feet keep from freezing or sticking fast to the ice.I filled the feeder last night knowing the snow was finally coming in and they are really busy today. Have a wonderful weekend and do not be slipping on that ice lady.

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty! We had a bit of icy rain this morning, but nothing like that.

Are you plants okay?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl !
We are almost knee deep in snow here too now .. but rain is fore casted for later this week .. who knows what will happen ? like you said it is full of surprises.
And YES ! we do feel sorry for the wild life .. the birds do not have an easy life in this weather so we try to help them out.

Jill girl hello there !
Thank you .. it was such a gray day the lighting isn't the best but at least I got clear focus ? LOL .. OMG ! You get that many ? I think the most we got was about 10 or 12 and they were rather scattered so it wasn't overwhelming.
They are beautiful birds though aren't they : )

Darla girl thank you : )
We are in SNOW mode .. the snow plough was here at 5 this morning .. I was up as he "flew" by our street !

Lona girl I swear I will do no slipping ! haha .. YES ! I always wonder about their poor cold feet .. they may get the heat from their chests as they hunker down and fluff up ? Our new feeder is full but the little ones haven't figured it out yet .. Husband scatters seed on the ground for the bigger babies ;-)
No slipping for you either lady !!

Sandy girl I will not know for sure if my plants are OK or not until Spring .. they were shocked by cold with no cover , then iced .. but it melted before the snow fell for the most part .. it is hard to tell until the real deal of Spring comes and I see what disasters I have ! eeekkk !

Anonymous said...

I was looking at this shot on your header for awhile before I went to the Shadow Shot. They looked so comfortable sitting there, my mind couldn't rationalize it!

Lighthousegal said...

The birds in the icy tree makes such a beautiful photo. But, I do feel for the birds having to sit among the ice. I am glad that you threw them some feed, at least they could fill their tummies.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Joan it is hard to believe that they are comfortable when sitting on ICE ! So I understand what you mean exactly .. it just can't seem real ?? LOL

Hello again Lighthousegal .. these doves always get straight to my heart .. they are such quiet gentle birds i hate to see them cold or hungry .. so we try to keep up with the seed for them poor dears !