Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ice Storm Naughtiness !

What can I say other than "Mom Nature" struck with a vengeance last night and we are all iced in ice ?
The boys are so not happy ... this is darn cold and uncomfortable !
Winthrop is totally disgusted .......
The new bird feeder ... well, lets just say it has to thaw out before the little ones can figure it out !
My cabbages are "fried" finally .......
The vines are shivering ....... and glistening at the same time !
The wild life is past annoyed but totally entertaining as you watch squirrels slip and slide and put on a circus act trying to climb the trees.
My beautiful Flame Amur maple is locked in a stance that looks awesome and painful at the same time ?
So ? ................ this is Canada Land for the moment ... who knows what will happen next !!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Brrr, this makes me cold just looking at it. I am glad you didn't lose power. Here we have alight coating of snow. The winds are blowing and it is cold.

Crafty Gardener said...

Winter has finally arrived, but who knows for how long. Everything does look so pretty coated in ice though. Thank goodness I didn't have to venture out on the roads, walking around the garden for photos was enough. Stay warm and safe.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wow, you really did get iced in! We got hit with an ice/snow combination, stuck winsheild wipers, etc.


Barry said...

I was wondering how you fared with the mixed bag of weather they were predicting for last night...... now I know! Here it mainly rained. It briefly turned to snow this morning, for what, four eye blinks and then it all seemed to stop. While the branches encased in ice looks magical, keep an eye for extended heaviness..... you don't want any necessary breakage! That also means stay inside. No slippage or fallage..... seems like I am simply adding the word 'age' to everything doesn't it? LOL! be safe

Anonymous said...

It does look very frigid!! BRRRRRRRR it makes such beautiful photos though. Bundle up and drink something warm...

Lola said...

Gorgeous pics. It does create a problem at times. The boys don't look very happy at present. Poor squirrel, he is having a time of it.

Karen said...'s heading our way tonight! Keep warm.

Meggie said...

OMG! What an icy surrounding!
We'll get the cold at weekend. Brrrrr

I miss you, Joy girl!
Best wishes for the NEW Year!

Jane said...

it's actually quite beautiful... if you could get away with not going anywhere for a few days! My sister also lives in Kingston and she was putting out more bird seed this afternoon - poor things :(

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl ! We are usually lucky with power .. we are in a section where it is under ground so protected .. but you just never know with storms like this !

Linda I tried to leave a comment on your blog with your post like mine here .. you got some great pictures girl ! But your blog doesn't like me ? LOL

Eileen we are in rain mode here for Friday .. the ice has melted but more wacky weather on its way !

What is up with that Barry ! AGE?? what is that all about !!! LOL
I am hoping none of my Japanese maples will be affected by it .. but who knows what is going to happen with this weird weather .. makes me very uneasy !

Darla girl it was wild out there yesterday .. some very major accidents with the highway .. I'm sure quite a few bumper stumpers happened within the city .. no worries I am in for the count !

Lola girl I had two CRAZY black squirrels trying so hard to get in that new squirrel proof feeder it was a riot watching them ! the seem to have a grip on the icy factor ! LOL

Karen I hope it just turns back to rain like it did here over night .. no one wants that iced in factor !

Meggie girl how are you ! I'm sorry I haven't been on here much (just for some basic updating on the blog) the changing weather hits me hard physically so I have been laying down quite a bit ... zzz ? LOL

Hello Jane and YES ! Husband put more seed out especially for our Mourning Doves .. they look so sad sitting on icy branches .. I really felt bad for them yesterday.
But it has melted and we have rain .. although it will change yet again ... this late winter is becoming a beast !

Lona said...

OMG! What a beautiful mess. It looks so pretty but I know how dangerous it is too. I bet those squirrels are slipping around. I love the black squirrels. We do not have them here in southern Ohio so I am always amazed when I see a picture of one. I do not blame the boys for being frustrated with the ice. LOL! Stay safe.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I sent you an e-mail with more black squirrel pictures .. I didn't know you don't have any there ? They can drive me crazy here .. you would have had such a hug laugh seeing the circus act two of them at the same time , had going here trying to get seed out of the feeder which is truly squirrel proof !!