Monday, 30 January 2012

This is a Believe it or Not ...........

Well this is one for the books with this weird and wacky winter.
This little bird can't be recognized for what it is because the sun and cloud lighting has blocked off the proper view of it .. and no ! .. I did not convert this to a black and white format.
This poor creature is a ROBIN !
My husband and I were totally confounded ... it was singing or squawking up a storm and where it went after wards we have no idea .. now how eerie is that ?

What can I say .. it changes day to day, but for the most part ice has been the enemy in the garden.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is a weird year. All that ice looks cold.

Plowing Through Life said...

Hiya, Joy! Well, this has certainly been a strange winter. I am concerned what it has done to my plants, especially the new ones. And what about the bulbs? In what condition will they rise? I also saw a robin before Christmas. Maybe it's the same one you saw? LOL... Poor thing; it's just as confused as we are this year. I will email you soon. I took your advice and took time to recuperate. My older daughter also came for a visit this month for 4 days! So we're headed in the right direction. One step at a time. Hope you and your gang are all doing well. I'll send a message soon to say hi and share whatever news I have.

Crafty Gardener said...

You can tell it is a robin by its outline. Poor little guy, probably blew in with the storm. It is a bit early to see them, usually I get them about mid February. I'll have my ears and eyes peeled to see if I can hear any.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

He's a little too far north. Our Mockingbirds and Cardinals are singing in Texas but they can see the leaves peeking out on the tops of the trees. Be patient, not much longer. xo Jenny

RobinL said...

Still no snow here in Ohio, but that's okay by me. It did change your world to black and white, didn't it?

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Now did someone send Mother Nature a memo stating that gardens are NOT skating rinks? Maybe she got mixed up, and thought that they were.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Karen said...

Same here Joy. Bizarre wetaher!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Joy, What a brave little robin!! I subscribe to a local birders newsletter and they just mentioned that there have been reports of robins overwintering here this year in the river valley. I can't imagine why a robin would choose to do that, but, oh well! Other than one brutal week this has not been a typical GWN winter at all for us. Someone said they saw geese heading north! (Hope that wasn't the case!)

BTW, I also love, love, the birds in your header photo! :)

Hoping you get lots of sunshine very soon - with temperate days. :)

Lona said...

Robins!! The weird just keeps on coming. LOL! Your garden looks so pretty but the ice is a bummer.Take care not to got slip sliding away Joy.

Chubby N Chieque said...

Absolutely the enemy of our gardens.

However, this is the magic of Nature. Everything will be in it's good condition when the right time comes.

I still see that your garden looks great covered with snow.

Happy SSS,

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I have robins 'wintering' here, too. Which I never seen before. And, little red finches, too. We're not having much of a winter but it's still pretty cold at night. Perhaps they're sticking around 'cause I'm babying them with extra food this year...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl .. it just keeps getting weirder and weirder .. I feel so sorry for the birds .. they are not sure what to do !

Hello Martha girl : )
We are both thinking the same thing .. how many plants will we lose !and what about those bulbs ?
I am so glad you have been taking a time out girl .. you truly needed that and still do .. I am very happy for you and no worries about e-mail .. just take it easy as it comes !

Linda I was so shocked .. first we heard him .. you can't miss a robin calling .. and then I saw him in the tree .. the sun was so bright and back lighting him the pictures look black and white !
Poor guy .. I feel sorry for the birds.

Jenny girl .. this has been such a strange winter and so little snow .. we may still be in for a rough ride before Spring even considers thinking of coming to our end of the earth ? LOL

Robin girl I had no idea about your blog being hijacked .. I relinked you so that is fixed. But this no snow thing .. no ground water too .. so we may pay the price come summer for sure eekk!!

Karen I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop .. we have had some bad accidents when the weather switches back and forth like that.
More rain and then freezing temps coming along .. ugh !!!

Ms S !! Not geese ?? OMG .. something is truly not right in our world at all .. our little doves are so sweet, we feel so sorry for them when they come here to weather the storms. Husband puts out seed for them .. but when they perch on "ice" ? how do they do that !! LOL

Lona girl I am staying clear of the ice .. I just know if anyone is going to do it .. it will be ME ! LOL wink wink

Hello there C&C
You found some shadows after all for SSS time and they were very pretty .. funny how they can turn up when we think we don't have a chance of seeing them ? LOL

Kate girl "if you FEED them they WILL come !" hahaha .. hey we do our bit here too .. they just look so sad how can we not ? : )

Anonymous said...

I saw two robins just this morning. They were travelers, though. Haven't seen them since.


An extra icy winter, huh? I just hope the roads are staying passable. I hope the poor little robin can get warm. And you too for that matter. :)

Rose said...

Poor robin! I think the birds must be as confused by this winter as I am. One day it's freezing cold and the next it feels like spring. I'm worried the garden is just as confused.

Cat said...

<3 your Robin buddy.

Lola said...

Poor birdies. I think this weather has everything confused. Look out for what comes in the Summer. I don't think it will be pleasant.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy girl it is odd to see them. At least those two had each other for cmpany ? LOL

Gracie girl .. this morning Feb 1st it is raining .. this is crazy !I don't know what will come next but it won't be our usual winter?

Rose girl , I think a lot of us northern gardeners are really going to be hit hard with plant loss .. more room to get new ones ? wink wink

Cat girl, cheers back from the robin for you ! LOL

Lola girl .. I have come to accept it will be a wicked summer .. now I have to plan for it ! eeekkk !