Wednesday, 1 February 2012

View Change Through 2011

Northern gardens change dramatically from the "dead" of winter as you can see ...
I tried to take pictures on as close to the same day of the month, but that didn't work out .. and of course the "lighting" time of day makes an impact.
I did a reverse view for May to illustrate how much life springs forth .. May and June plus early July have wow factor compared to what you see in March.
You can follow the subtle changes with astilbe in particular .. when they come into full colour and when they "brown off" as they finish.
I think this gives you a good idea of what an impact our garden has on us, when it comes to life  .. here in the almost Great White North.
This how ever has been a very unusual winter .. I fear a very hot dry summer is in store for us !


Anonymous said...

I love to be able to look at works in progress. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Beyond My Garden said...

Your banner is such a nice capture of the ice storm. My coverage is written and scheduled for tomorrow. Today just couldn't resist stuff trying to bloom. Our gardens have continual interest, right?

Crafty Gardener said...

Impressive changes Joy, the views show how much work you put into this garden area

Anonymous said...

What a difference!
You have really done a great job with your side yard.

You keep a good gardening journal. One of my plans that i didn't follow up on.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a change from month to month! I really like the subtle color changes.


Cat said...

What a rainbow of possibility!

Meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, what a brilliant idea to shoot every month a photo!
I just feel like take a walk through
your little garden paradise.

Take care
Meggie from cold Northern Germany *brrr*

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Patricia : )
It still amazes me how much life springs forth from after the dead of winter and I have been doing this for YEARS ! LOL

Nellie hello there !
That was a scary yet beautiful day with the ice, thank you girl : )
This winter has me crazy .. no proper snow blanket for the garden .. this ice is hard on it .. but what can you do about the weather ?

Hello Linda girl, thank you ! .. things are always changing in my garden .. I have a few major ones planned for this year but heaven knows how much I will be able to get done ?

Sandy girl thank you .. I was able to find the right sequence of pictures but if I ever get my garden office I intend to really straighten out my plant records for sure ! LOL

Hello Eileen girl .. I found that watching the astilbe with their subtle changes you could track the months a little better too.

Hey there Cat girl ! When a gardener stops seeing the "possibilities" that is when they should STOP gardening ! LOL
Thanks girl : )

Hello Meggie girl and than you !
I am going to try to keep this type of photo shoot each year with each space .. it helps with future panning too . are you cold over there girl ? We have next to no snow and heaven knows what will happen next !

Marguerite said...

Joy, I love this post. I hadn't thought of it but you have a great point that in more southern climates they don't see changes like this. Even knowing how the garden changes throughout the year it was fascinating to watch your garden as it grew up and exploded in summer and then began to fade.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

That looks like our Dutch garden. It won't be long until Spring is here. Except we have moss in the winter instead of snow. xo Jenny

Carolyn ♥ said...

So lovely to see the transformation each month, Joy. We seem to be stuck in the Browns this winter... very unusual. Hope your prediction about the dry summer doesn't happen here.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Marguerite girl !
We really do have more of an explosion than southern gardens .. it truly does impact our appreciation but also how hard we have to work and that much needed rest afterwards ? LOL
I was so happy to find the right pictures out of the gazillions of pictures I do have ! LOL

Jenny I remember one winter that we spent in Holland that had a VERY cold snowy year .. it was the year they had the skating race on the canals and it was amazing !
But yes .. other years ? wet leaves and moss there ! LOL

Carolynn I would hope as well that I am wrong .. but unless we get a load of snow suddenly and loads of Spring rain .. it is going to be a tough garden year with watering sadly .. BIG sigh !

The Garden Ms. S said...

Wow, what an amazing transformation! You took a narrow strip and turned it into a charming space to meander along. Watching it come to life is so heartening. I can't wait for spring. :)

I too am getting a little worried about what summer will bring. Hoping we get moderate temperatures and some moisture. Nothing seems to be predictable. Fingers crossed!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is the most interesting series of photos Joy. It gets me excited about the coming blooming season. You have a beautiful garden run here.

Meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, here's the newest:
We've got some snow! Thanks for my plants!

Nice weekend!Meggie

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ms S !
It is one of the rule breakers I have .. too long,narrow and STRAIGHT .. but on the left side there are some curves .. I am so glad I remembered to take pictures each month of the same area. I want to do that every year !
Yes .. I am worried about what kind of weather torture we will have come summer .. BIG sigh !
Fingers crossed !

Thank you Lisa girl .. it is dramatic isn't it ? How we northern gardeners have such a miracle of plant life springing forth : ) It makes you fall in love with your garden all over again doesn't it ? LOL

Meggie girl ! Will you share some with us ? It is very cold and "dry" out there this morning .. ice is the main feature .. my poor garden !
Have a great weekend Meggie girl !

Stupid Garden Plants said...

Thats a great effect, I love time lapse style photography. It's interesting to see the transitions of a garden.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey thank you ! It is interesting isn't it ? I would love to see other bloggers post a near year transition too !