Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Canning Perennials Order

I have ordered from Chris at Canning Perennials for quite a few years now ...
I have always been VERY happy with the plants sent to me .. they are BIG , for a mail order company .. healthy and if a failure happens Chris backs her product .. plus it is right here in Ontario which is a key factor for me .. quick delivery once the shipments start.
So .. these are the plants I am expecting :
Yes my gorgeous picture from last year of this beauty "spigelia marilandica" Indian Pinks.
I am not confident it will have survived this ridiculous winter so I need a stand by to make sure I have one on hand if my first one has bit the dust ?
Not my picture .. but this was what my beautiful thalictrum "splendide" looked like .. in fact even taller .. it was the most amazing plant in my garden years ago but sadly disappeared .. I really missed it so I am trying for a big beauty again !
Some plants you just can't let go of ?
Ahhhhh ... Red Racer hellebore ... I ordered it last year and it was a DUD .. but it was replaced with another (Black Diamond) .. kind of disappointing but what can you do .. so I am hoping this is the year that Red Racer will be mine !
Scottish Fantasy daylily "Gorgeous pie-crust edging, unusual saturated coral color, and a complex 3-color eye and throat lift these large blooms out of the ordinary and into extraordinary! They are borne midsummer on well-branched scapes that are remarkable for their heavy bud count, and the plants are so vigorous that they grow enough to produce a repeat bloom the same season"
What else can I say after that description quote ? except it looks orange (Halloweeny ?)
Buddleia 'Flutterby Grande Peach Cobbler'   .."has beautiful peach colored flowers supported by silver gray foliage. This bush is fragrant and grows upright. Very heat and drought tolerant. Flutterby Grande series is the world's only complete series of sterile Buddleia." Another description quote but it says it all.
It goes to the back of the fence on the sunny side of the garden and I hope it is HUGE and so very fragrant .. blocks out neighbors and smells divine (neighbor's yard doesn't !)
Veronicastrum virginicum "Fascination"  aka Culver's Root ...
"A gem for the middle or back of the border, this selection of our native Veronicastrum thrives in average soils, dry or moist, and is equally happy in full sun to part shade. It produces whorls of clean, lance-shaped dark green leaves, and branched candelabras of narrow, lilac-rose flower spikes in mid to late summer. Plants grow up to 5ft tall and seldom need staking. Superb with tall Anemones, and beautiful with Ornamental Grasses. "
I have a very plain white one and have been nicely surprised how beautiful it is .. so here is a friend in a wonderful colour to add to the garden.
"This impressive Dutch introduction is incredibly floriferous producing twice the number of blooms than older varieties. Excellent compact mound of petite foliage topped by big bunches of very fragrant, arching pale pink flowers. Fast growing. Spectacular in the garden or container. Long flowering from June through August. Unlike most Astilbe can be grown in sun or shade making it very versatile" ... and that is a quote from the company I am buying it from !
I think it will shimmer in the shade : )

Every one of these plants .. as do the rest I have ordered serves a purpose .. so although I have ordered with a heavy hand this year (eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk !!) .. there really is a purpose, HONESTLY !!


RURAL magazine said...

I still love looking at your plant selections, because I think that we are kind of the same zone. So the happy gardener part of me says, if she can, I can.

And then the realistic gardener part of me says...oh you know you don't have the energy right now, LOL, give it up, let it sit.

I like the happy gardener part of me better.

Love your plants.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

meggie said...

Oh, so wonderful plants!
I'd never seen the first flower
neither a buddleia with so large blossoms.Love the bush with pink blossoms and the dark hellebore looks
amazing.The Astilbe is so fluffy and sweet. There a no in my garden, but I will get some ....

greets, meggie

Lona said...

Looks like you have ordered some more beauties Joy. I love the astilbe. Is it Milk & Honey? That lily is so pretty. Yes, I ordered the Mustard & Ketchup rose. I was afraid they would sell out. LOL! Also ordered a Music Box rose. I need to get one more climbing rose but cannot make up my mind.Nothing new there though. LOL! So you are being mysterious are you? You must have a project in mind for this spring.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen girl : )
YES YOU CAN ! LOL .. hey, the realistic , not so well person inside of me is saying are you CRAZY ? haha .. but with the plans I have .. I know I can count on hubby to help, so that tows the line a bit for me : )
You have made a HUGE change in your life and you DO NEED to rest up .. but .. the happy gardener in you will sneak out and have some fun this year as well .. no worries girl , I know YOU are going to have some FUN !

Meggie girl you need to have some astilbe !! I know they would be fine and look so pretty in your garden .. so make that a point .. Joy girl says Meggie girl has to have some astilbe !! haha

Lona girl did I tell you that your new avatar is too cute ? LOL
The astilbe is Younique Silvery Pink .. a more compact but huge flowering cultivar of astilbe .. this is my first of the series so I will be able to tell you if it is true to the description or not!
I'm so glad you ordered that Ketchup&Mustard rose girl .. I want to see how it looks in your garden, it is so dramatic !
Yes .. I have so many plans it is frightening .. the garden has reached a point where some big changes have to be made .. it is older now and a lot of revamping is due !

Barry said...

We are happiest when our gardens sing! Yours just has an exceptionally gifted soloist! Good on you for getting the order in early. As for the Red Racer Helleborus, I have a friend reporting the same 'dud' results, so maybe it was destiny to have it replaced with something else. I am waiting on a friend before placing my Spring Thimble Farms order. They had better hustle their A^%$ or I will be sending it off without their selections!

Anonymous said...

Love your choices! When can you things in the ground up there? I don't get my plants until toward the end of May, here.

I think I forgot to answer you when you asked where we were going. New Mexico!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barry you naughty lad ! hehehe
Yes .. when our gardens sing it strikes such a deep cord in us it is heavenly : ) I have a lot of plans to try and fulfill this year .. I just hope I can because it will look wonderful if they succeed ! Kick butt sweetie ! Don't be late and let out .. I learned that the hard way ;-)

Thank you Sandy girl ! It all depends on the weather .. although I think it was well into end May when my last plants arrived .. you have to play it by ear with this weather thing ?
My goodness !! Now that is a change from the Atlantic coast to New Mexico .. keep an eye out for UFOs and visit Roswell for me ?? LOL

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to try the Indian Pinks! I doubt it would be hardy here tho?? That Buddleia has fantastic coloring ~ just scrumptious ~ as is the name. I'd also love some pink veronicastrum ~ do they ship stateside?!!!
I guess I'm liking all your selections aren't I?? Hope you've had a good winter. Ours has been snowy and LONG

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl HELLO there !
hey , I am sure the Indian Pinks would be OK over there .. we are in the same zone aren't we ? 5b ?
You should be able to find every thing I did with your American sites .. so give it an investigation !!
Our winter has been from the Twilight Zone .. no snow .. yet today we are having a winter storm warning for this afternoon and tomorrow .. go figure ?? LOL

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, There are lots of pretty possibilities in your plant order. I have a some indeterminate variety of the Culver's root out the front. It is fantastically tall and flops, but I love it anyway. I also have some thalictrum, but not the one you have ordered. I admired thalictrum "splendide" at Larkwhistle last summer and it is on my wish list too.

Christine said...

Oh my what a wonderful plant list. But the Buddleia is the one that really knocks me out! I only have purple ones here. I have GOT to find one of yours! happy plant ordering, Joy!

Marguerite said...

No need to offer excuses to us!! I'm sure every gardener reading this is drooling over those plants and has a list a mile long of their own.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer girl I have the standard white one too and it is never floppy (I wonder if yours in positioned in the wind or maybe too fertile a soil ?) but aren't they something ? I have been wanting a pink/lavender one for a while so I just said "this is the year !" LOL .. you would have been amazed of my past "Slendide" it was about 7 feet tall and GORGEOUS .. I so hope to have this one looking as spectacular too : )

Christine I am so excited about Peach Cobbler too .. I have Nanho Blue/Purple ? and it is beautiful with being tough as boots .. that gray foliage indicates it will survive drought and tough growing conditions so I hope this will follow through as well with that same characteristic !

Marguerite girl I would be a bit afraid to join all my lists together and see how long it truly is ? LOL Can't wait for Spring !


What a treasure trove! I love your selections. I've got a couple of Thalictrum but not 'Slendide.' Awesome plants.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Gracie : ) I am really excited to see how things will turn out this year .. you know that thing when you have it one way in your mind but it turns out another way ? LOL
I had this thalictrum a few years ago and it did last a good few years .. it was stunning .. I loved it to bits and I hope it will be as beautiful as it was then !