Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Gardens Plus Plant Order

None of these pictures are mine .. I have to wait for the plants to be planted and smile at me hopefully.
I prefer my own pictures because web pictures usually underestimate how beautiful plants can be most of the time ?
I thought I was done with day lilies for a long time .. I over did Stella and a few of her kin .. a great day lily don't get me wrong .. but now I want rebloomers in a punch of colour such as these that range from red to pink.
Endless Heart .. terrific rebloomer .. blooms it's heart out for you ? It is also called Earlybird Cardinal for some reason ..
Hush Little Baby is just a sweet pink day lily I kept reading about and thought .. yes ! PINK !
Gotta' have it  : )

Charles Johnson .. what a serious name ?! .. cut to the chase .. it has large red flowers .. loads of them on each scape and long time bloomer .. job well done !
Spring Symphony tiarella ... it happened because I couldn't get Paprika heuchera .. but some how I always had it in the back of my mind because I have Pink Skyrocket and love that little darling .. so a sister for her ? the foliage is gorgeous even when the flowers are done .. perfect !
Mystic Mist .. none of the pictures does it justice .. I had it from last year and was wowed by it .. I knew I was going to get it again right from that point .. a no brainer for me finally ?
Delta Dawn heuchera is a new one for me .. I just love the variation of its colours through out the season as it is described to have .. fingers crossed it does so in my garden too !
Tiny Monster geranium ... yes an older plant that has been around the block .. but I have specific requirements for this little monster .. and I am thinking it is going to do the job for me ! Old or not..get to work !
Solar Flare .. tauted to have HUGE flowers and fragrance and long blooming .. I can handle THAT !
Finally Maui Sunshine .. a gorgeous sunny coloured beauty that I really got stuck on .. so it just had to be with my garden kids to come and live with me !
Well .... this might be a bit of a boring list of plants .. but I know I will not be able to find them here .. even though I will be haunting the garden centers just in case something pops up .. but don't we all do that ? ... looking for pop ups ? .. just in case ???


Lea said...

Dreaming of Spring and Summer blooms along with you!
Lea's Menagerie

Lona said...

Oh Wow girl you have ordered some beauties. I have had my eye on that Cardinal Lily all winter. LOL! I will wait now to see how pretty yours is. Spring Symphony is such a pretty flower in the spring and its blooms last a long time here.It won't be long now until spring and you can get to work.

Christine said...

I love your plant list, Joy, and know you will share your own photos when these shine for you.
Happy gardening!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Just love all of your choices Joy. I think we could find just about anyone's name given to a daylily really neat as gifts to people with that name.

I have not seen those Heucheras around here and that geranium is a new one.


Marguerite said...

Tiny Monster, what a great name. Actually I'm wondering if I have that one. I took a geranium from the local plant sale last year and haven't been able to identify it. This looks close. You'll love Maui Sunshine. I bought that one a year or two ago and the blooms were quite lovely. Unfortunately the voles got it so I'll have to purchase another if I ever want to see it again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lea ! Yes .. making plants orders helps keep us going through this last stage of winter .. although we really can't count on the weather to do anything normal any more ? haha

Lona girl hello there : )
You have to get that lily because you will just be too jealous of mine ! wink wink
I know SS tiarella has been on the market for some time .. I have Pink Skyrocket so I think it needs a friend in the garden some where? I like to see a wee bit of repetition along the beds .. makes for a little uniformity ? haha

Christine girl : ) hello there !and thank you and hopefully YES ! I will get some great shots so I can do justice to this plant list: )

Eileen girl I wonder if there are lilies with our names on them ? I might have to crack and get one with my name! LOL
Tiny Monster has been on the market for a few years .. I was going to order it last year but supplies ran out .. so I knew it was coming this year .. I think you would love Mystic Mist ! No pictures on the web so it justice .. it is remarkable with the sprinkle of white and changing colours .. I was stuck on it so this will be my second , if my last years was done in by this weird winter, at least I know one more is coming !

Marguerite that happened to me with "Lawrence Flatman" I saw an unmarked one last year .. loved it .. had to haunt the garden centers to find out what it was and then when I was going through past year's tags I saw it .. so I knew I LOVED it ! haha
OH NO !!! Those rotten voles ! I feel in love with Maui Sunshine .. such a beautiful cheerful coneflower.. I am really looking forward to seeing it : )