Thursday, 22 March 2012

Raccoon Round-Up

I'll just get this "problem" solved out of the way first ..
It looks like it was only one raccoon this time .. a juvenile .. probably a "generation one that was born here a few years ago .. so having finally reinforced all points of possible entry .. raccoon company went up in the attic .. cleaned up what ever was there and sprayed a combo of de-scent and sanitizer.
Then the pricey part came into action .. all roof vents fitted with a no entry grill

So to get in .. they (raccoons) would have to hire a "specialist" ? .. fingers crossed third time lucky ?
You can see by our BLUE BLUE skies that the weather has been simple AWESOME !
Life is "Springing" up everywhere and garden clean up is done ... now the hard work really kicks into gear when we try to schedule our poor sore bodies into doing it done !
Mean while ... beautiful blooms : )

We are in for some colder weather .. but I am taking in this amazing time as much as I can ..
I hope you all have great weather too !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our weather has been almost too good. Everything springy has already bloomed. I doubt we will have any daffs left over for Easter decor. What a spring. I am glad you are getting your racoons under control. What a weird thing that they are drawn to your place. I wonder why? Maybe because you have a beautiful garden??

RURAL magazine said...

Oh my they are expensive little things aren't they?

That is how they were getting in? Our neighbourhood must be a circus for them, almost everyone has those vents, and all the big trees....

So glad to hear that you are finally done with the smelly subject.

Beautiful shots of brilliant flowers, what's it like to not have snow? LOL.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I hope that is the end of the raccoon hotel!! Gorgeous weather here, still can't believe I'm wearing capris and t-shirts. But I'm loving it.

Skeeter said...

Girl I am still telling your racoon story and now the saga continues! That is not laughing you hear from me because if I laughed at you, next week we would have them in our atttic! Karma ya know. They are cute little critters but not in the house! I still miss our bats in the attic vents, sigh but see one or two out each evening. But not the 2 dozen we once had as guests.... This heat has the snakes out in our neck of the woods. seen 3 in 3 days! And a huge skink that I shall show a pic of next... Kind of like Halloween eh.... And I got your Abby Normal joke. We say that a lot... Hee hee...

Marguerite said...

I see I'm not the only one who goes through a period of sore body in spring. My muscles have to be convinced to remember how to work.

CiNdEe said...

Yay Happy Spring to you!!!!(-: I bet you are having a wonderful one there with the perfect weather(-:
So glad the raccoon did not bring a friend or two to move in with you. I bet they are forever evicted now.(-:

Cat said...

So pretty!
Congrats on your problem solved, does your insurance cover preventative measures with recurring "issues"?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl it is getting back to normal weather finally ... cooler and gray today .. I have to check the long range forecast to see what is supposed to happen now ?
That has been said to me a few times now .. that my garden is drawing them in .. but they come when nothing is blooming ?? LOL

Jen girl they are truly expensive little so and so's !!!
The raccoon company is not sure how it got in exactly but all precautions are being taken this time .. we have had your old weather and you have ours there .. now how funny is that ?

Linda girl this is too damn spooky to have such fantastic weather .. I think it is ending now though .. it is cooler and gray today .. so back to reality !

Skeeter girl it is a good thing you understand about KARMA and being careful !!LOL
I saw your snake pictures and I had chills down my spine .. poor husband would totally freak out!
I would love to see the bats (not in my own attic mind you) but there is something about a group setting off to feed on insects for the night .. totally Halloweeny !!
Abby-Normal is NORMAL here girl !LOL

Marguerite each Spring I am so mad at myself for not getting into better shape .. losing weight .. so my poor body can take what my head wants it to do .. we should have a moan and groan club girl !

Cindee girl they better be totally and forever evicted now or I will lose what is left of my mind!!
Hey Happy Spring to you over there girl .. don't work so hard or you will hurt yourself again girl !!

Cat ! how are you girl ! .. I'm not sure about the insurance but the deductible is rather pricey so we sort of steer away with problems we can handle on our own .. but I am telling you , one more invasion and I will sue this company's pants OFF !!!


Hooray that those stupid raccoons are gone. I'm so happy for you with all your wonderful weather. After so many severe winters you deserve a mild one. I love all your blossoms!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie girl and yes ! I hope we shall never hear of a raccoon again (anywhere near our house!) it is still spooking me about this past weather .. we are more normal now .. well, aside from the pun ? we are ?