Monday, 19 March 2012

Too Good To Be True !!

OK ... the weather has been totally amazing .. I know there is going to be a blast of winter yet again ..
We actually had snow on March 22 last year .. so it isn't going to be a shock .. but it also isn't going to stop me, and I have to add my right hand man, dear husband : ) from getting the garden totally cleaned up ... and that is saying a lot.
We had a marathon day yesterday .. I just kept going and going .. Having a Tim's large "Double Double" with a few Tim Bits helped .. DH got that for us and it was so appreciated ! : )
These are the birdhouses I ordered out of the Home Hardware catalog .. I didn't realize how ornamental and kind of goofy they are .. I should have gone for the more utilitarian useful ones.
But the birds don't seem to mind .. as soon as they went up at each end of the grape arbour there was a lot of enthusiastic interest !

This bird only wanted the "grub" but he seemed to be posing for me  .. ergo more pictures of those reflective feathers !

When he gave me the BEADY-EYE I thought that was too funny .. I guess he didn't want anyone watching him eat ?
The Robinater however loves an audience .. something about bath time makes him hustle for a crowd of on lookers .. from fellow birds to humans ..
So this sunshine was waking up the garden and birds .. the birds were into that "birds & bees" thing and tracking down the best digs possible .. a lot of activity indeed !
That made a couple of girls happy
Prime real estate space at the deck door made the game of "who is the queen of this castle" spark up a few times .. but as soon as the birds fluttered around tensions broke and all eyes were glued to the out doors !
So .. it is very foggy this morning but I am going out there to finish  up the job and then concentrate on planning what plants go where when they all start to arrive ! eeekkkkk !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Don't you just love this time of year! The Grackle does have what I call an EVIL EYE. They are beautiful glistening in the sun.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The weather is glorious, and I'm not even going to think that winter will pounce on us once again. I'm even thinking of planting out some peas today. I'll only lose a few pea seeds if it doesn't work, but if it does, I'll have yummy peas to eat earlier than usual.

RURAL magazine said...

Yes, the weather out there is delightful. And each night when we watch the news we are well rather envious, what's with your double digit temps? You guys are supposed to be the ones with the freezing weather and snow...we have that.

I do like the bird houses, they are rustic. And we all know they look so much better with birds in them also.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Lona said...

Looks like everything was enjoying the warm sun Joy even the kitties. Grackles have such beady eyes. Not my favorite bird. Maybe they intimidate me.LOL! Glad that Dove got out of the icicles in the header picture too.LOL! I really like your ornate birdhouses. Have a terrific week.


Hooray, Joy Dear. You sound so happy with your gardening and nice weather. I'm so happy for you!!!!

I love the birdhouses. They're not goofy at all. And your babies sunning themselves by the window? Who can resist that?

As for the blackbird with the beady eyes, I think you should save this photo for Halloween. It's kind of eerie in a whimsical sort of way.

I hope the nice weather continues and you can enjoy every single moment of it. Such good therapy! HUGS!

Donna@GWGT said...

We had a bit of fog too, but the sunny, warm days have been fabulous. Like your 'angry bird' photo.

Rose said...

Your new birdhouses look quite homey, Joy; I'm sure the birds will appreciate them. Is that a grackle with the blue head? I have some making nests here, too, and I think that's what they are, according to my bird book. This weather has been perfect for working in the garden; I just wish I had enough energy to keep going all day. Maybe I need a Double Tim, too, and some Tim Bits, though I'm not sure what those are:)

Good to see Sophie and Emma again; spring time has re-energized my cat children, too--they're loving all the bird action in the front yard.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

I hope we don't get a chilly blast after this wonderful weather. The birdhouses are so cute and it reminds me to get mine out in the garden.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl hello there !
Now I know what bird this is I will have to pass it on to husband .. he tries to figure out which birds are which : ) Their feathers are gorgeous (like a mini peacock kind of colour without the drama of so many feathers ? LOL)
YES girl I am loving this weather!!

Go for it Linda girl .. so what if it doesn't work (I think it will even with a touch of winter again .. nothing to lose though !)
I have been knee deep in garden work and I am so lucky to have Husband helping me or it would take weeks ! LOL

Jen girl it is so ironic I have the good weather and you don't .. for years I was jealous of you ! wink wink .. this is FAR from NORMAL though .. eeekkk !
Yes rustic is what they are and the birds don't care a smidge ! LOL

Lona girl I just had to change the header .. and our Doves are very kind to sit and pose for me : ) Yes now I know it is a grackle and they do have weird beady eyes eh ? LOL .. Hey have a great week too! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine: )

Gracie girl I can't tell you how this affects me .. it is wonderful and so far the pain is something I can handle .. so far .. this will be the third day though and I know not to push my luck .. but who knows what is going to happen to the weather next ? I hope yours improves especially for the weekend! Yup ! I am making a note about this bird for Halloween ;-)

Donna it was wonderful how it evaporated and we had beautiful weather with very little wind which is great when you are trying to clean up in the garden !
Hey I was thinking that about "angry bird" too and forgot to mention it in the post.. haha

Rose girl how are you ! I have to get over to your place ! Tim's is a coffee doughnut shop .. totally Canadian but I think they have a few shops in the States now .. it is the best coffee and doughnut place in the world .. "Double Double" is cream with sugar .. so all round with caffeine and sugar to BOOST me ! LOL
I still have to quit early afternoon .. I would love to go all day too .. this weather is glorious : ) YES ! our cat kids are loving all the bird activity and the fact I open the deck door early morning and have it open while we work so they can see us: )

Marguerite said...

How exciting to get outside again! I'm hoping to grab a couple hours this fine day and get some dirt on my hands. Birds have definitely started chirp chirping catching everyone's attention here but I haven't seen any grackles yet, lucky you.

Full-On-Forward said...

WHOOO HOOOOOOO for you! I know you are excited--we have set records of 88 degrees twice--but I can handle Spring and Summer, much better than Winter! GREAT SHOTS!!!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Marguerite girl I could have used you for help in garden clean up ! LOL Poor husband is beat .. but this weather is scary .. I swear it is too good to be true and winter has one more last shot at us ? Saw your walk in the garden and that gorgeous kitty !

John boy ! LOL

Eileen some how you got caught in a blogger vortex ? I am wondering if we will get one more blast of winter .. scary but typical .. this weather is just too good to rely on !

meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, may I loan the dear hubby?
Congratz to the new boots! Cool!

My hubby asked me what a bird is that?
The only bird with us with light eyes are Western Jackdows. But their feathers
are not so reflective. And our robin looks also different. Funny - our plants are often the same.

Take care!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Meggie girl !!
I sent you something in "snail" Mail .. hope you get it soon !
This is a "grackle" and I only know that because of the other bloggers telling me ;-) Otherwise I had no idea .. haha
Our robins are BIG blustery birds .. I love your robins from the UK and mainland Europe .. they are beautiful delicate birds .. this is our "Robinator" !! LOL