Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WordFULL Wednesday and RACCOONS ?

OK .. I have to get some things off of my chest .. or what is left of it after it caved in this morning.
Poor husband had been up most of the night because the noise finally jarred him into the reality that I have been gnawing on for a while, but could not believe it would happen yet AGAIN ?
Yes .. I thought I was crazy .. hearing noises but in total denial .. RACCOON DENIAL !
So after I stopped screaming ... this poor husband of mine got on the phone to our raccoon man (yes .. we actually have one on hand due to the TWO years of the previous raccoon nightmares) and told him the impossible had happened again ......................................................... &#*@@^!!!!
The only thing that could control how I feel about this whole RACCOON nightmare ?
I bought these boots yesterday along with the pruners in oblivious bliss of breaking them in with no cares in the world but garden fun .. and happily ? made in CANADA .. not China or India or some "stan' country .. but good solid Canuck wear .. but I sway from my wordfull story of the day.
As I said .. after I stopped screaming .. I had a shower .. got dressed and put my new booties on to commune with my garden because the weather is totally awesome and I am taking as much as I can of it .. I needed to stop thinking of raccoons !
This was just a taste of the "clean-up-road" .. in actuality the tree company came (they were supposed to be here on Wednesday .. did they hear we had raccoons and felt bad for us?) .. so this is what the new space looks like minus the old Mountain Ash tree ..
They came ... they "saw" ... and they conquered .. all so quickly I hardly had a chance to say good bye to the tree that is .. they also did the pollard on my Sumac for me ... bonus EH ? still trying not to think of the RACCOON problem ...
Yes .. it always looks scary but it always looks beautiful .. eventually ... so one less job out of the hundreds I have for keeping me busy so I won't think of RACCOONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Something arrives in the mail ... to help me not think of RACCOONSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Terribly CUTE little bird feeders ... the yellow one is blurred because I kept spinning it like a top ... to help me NOT think of RACCOONS ............ but aren't they the cutest little feeders you have ever seen?
So ... I worked in the garden for hours and now I am so tired I am crazier than usual .. ergo this post ... to help me not think of raccoons ... a live trap is set .. we are hoping against hope that all goes well and that little so and so ( hoping to hell it is only one masked bandit, but we usually have multiples with a full on board nursery to boot) .. meanwhile this weather is just too good to be true and we will most likely have a snowstorm in a few days .. but I don't care because ? .. it will help me to not think of RACCOONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Oh no,I can't believe those dreaded racoons are back this year. They are very persistent. Love the new boots, just what I need. The weather has been gorgeous and I've been outside starting to tidy up the gardens. I hope this isn't just a teaser of what is to come, and that it stays around. I love those bird feeders, will have to look for them.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Raccoons??? Again? You are kidding me? I wonder if they mark in memory a territory and keep visiting it again and again? This is so weird (and frightening!). I'm so sorry, Joy. I hope this mess clears up pronto!

On the good news side, we are in sync girl! I spent a few hours outside today. It was much too beautiful to miss an opportunity to get out there and start cleaning up the garden. So many things have started to sprout that it's actually insane; it's so early. I also took some photos of the birds; a lot of them have returned from their winter vacation down south.

Oh, I love those boots! They are really funky. And those bird feeders? So cute. I gotta get me some of those with their pretty colours.

Cat said...

I love your bird feeder and may have to get a set for myself.
I feel your pain on the raccoons. We have given up on fish in out pond after loosing every single one to raccoons, they truly are evil. I must have been on bloggation during last years visitation, but I think I remember them in your roof the year before.
Best wishes, we are thinking of building a conservatory around our pond before we restock it again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Linda girl I just felt like laying on the floor and crying .. poor husband dreaded telling me because he knew I would be that upset .. but what can you do ?
So Greenshield is taking car of the "problem" .. yes i wonder if this is just a teaser too .. but allergies are kicking in high gear, so I will have to get the meds and wear a mask while I clean the garden .. look in Veseys Linda for the bird feeders .. 3 for $19!

Martha girls I was going to drop a note off to you .. can you believe this is happening again to us ? YES .. that is what our raccoon man said too .. it must be one of the generation babies that is driven to get inside its past nursery .. what ever the case I have had more than enough .. and poor John having to tell me was his worst nightmare too! LOL
YES !! I worked way too hard so I wouldn't think of the raccoons but I am so sore today I can hardly move .. but it was good : ) so much more to do too though ..eeekk!
Boots are from WalMart, feeders from Veseys !!

Cat girl .. my heart dropped to my feet when poor John had to tell me .. and yes on the fish .. losing Ernie and Burt made me so angry .. I can imagine how you felt .. building an enclosure might just do it girl ! Good Luck and enjoy your wonderful garden !!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hard to believe they can't fix the entrance that the coon use. Your new boots are great. Have fun pruning.

Lea said...

Pruners and boots! That is serious garden therapy!
Happy Gardening!
Lea's Menagerie

RURAL magazine said...

That's so not good, I hope that they can relocate the poor ******* yes just go ahead and guess the word I used.

After going through it each spring at the garden center, and smelly that stench above the till for all those months year after year....I sympathize. And I hear your anger.

Love the boots, want some eagerly.

And I was just joking about those being raccoon prints in the previous post. Never for the world thought they would return. But I think we have them in a tree here.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Lona said...

Girl I cannot believe you have those nasty Raccoons back again. They love your house. LOL! Glad you got in some garden therapy. And you are styling too in those leopard boots.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl they did fix the obvious entrance .. cut a hole in our roof and the whole shebang (cost was scary too) but this little guy is one sneaky dude .. actually very hard to see how the hell he/she got in .. but they are working on it! I LOVE pruning girl ;-)

Thanks Lea girl it was a serious pruning cleaning up the garden day yesterday .. I am sore today but it was worth it !!

Jen girl I know you were joking: )who would guess some little so and so would find his way back into our attic .. this company will do a complete clean and deterrent spray .. they think it is one of the kits that was born here so the drive to return was that strong .. we never smelled anything or had any indication other than that familiar noise JEEZ !!
I used my new boots and pruners yesterday and I had a blast !!
Even though I am sore today I was so happy in the garden yesterday: ) Good luck with the neighboring raccoons (be very careful about food scraps !!!

Lona girl we are in frigging shock over this whole nasty raccoon farm here ! I was so happy to get some good hard garden therapy yesterday .. I am so sore today but lord I needed that therapy !!

Anonymous said...

Snazzy boots!
I just saw those colored feeders in a catalog two days ago. You must of gotten yours sooner.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yup Sandy .. Veseys had the feeders on for some time .. but the boots are from WalMart and they work great !!