Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ugly bare bones to move forward with ...

I don't think there are too many gardeners that like to show the ugly side to their gardens .. even though this time of year it is basically what you get to see in our northern areas ..
I am going to show pictures of the before areas, that are in for some fairly big renovations ..
It was COLD and frosty yesterday morning and I was trying to get used to the new camera so these are truly "bare bone" newbie camera shots !
First the major area where we have to shift Autumn Brilliance serviceberry tree to the very left in this picture ..  the new arbour bench with climbing roses has to fit in and all of the plants are also going to be dug up and "shifted"
The next is the opposite end of this island bed where our big Pacific Sunset maple is .. shrubs and plants to be shifted or , hum ... "edited" ? to make way for the garden bench to sit on an angle facing the new one at the other end of this "island" ...
The drift wood is just about the area of where the bench will be placed .. of course all my drift wood is precious to me so it will be gently placed else where !  .. and yes .. my rocks .. carefully with my poor body that is still wrecked from that garden accident almost two years ago .. enough already!

The bare bones of the Grape/Kiwi Arbour facing it all ..
We will miss out Mountain Ash for that bit of privacy .. but that corner will eventually fill in with the bamboo and I am thinking of other fast fixes to also give us more privacy .. all very scary when you see it like this !
There is life springing forth though .. the weather is supposed to be fantastic this whole week after today .. straight through Easter weekend .. so that means as much work as I can squeeze in without doing damage to myself hopefully !
So here are some signs of Spring popping out in my garden !


Rebecca said...

Actually, I see great Beauty in Bare Bones!

I'm amazed, too, at how rapidly the "bones" flesh themselves out....Even a day of sunlight makes an enormous difference. It's all happening so fast here in N.E. Indiana!

Rose said...

I don't like to show the ugly side of my garden either, but I'd hardly call yours ugly, Joy--it's just waking up! The bare bones that are visible now are perfect for making all plans for renovation that you have. I still plan to move some plants this spring, too, but I wish I had done it while my garden was more in this stage. All the warm weather has spurred so much growth that it's going to take a lot more digging to move those plants than I had intended. Good luck with all your projects, but take your time and don't over-exert yourself!

Anonymous said...

It's snowing here this morning, quite a contrast to the blooming trees and, for that matter, to the hellebore. Ah, springtime in the Rockies... As I might have commented before.

I love seeing the bare bones of your garden. The plans sound just wonderful and it will be fun to follow what you share as things fill in.

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I like that you took a picture of the new camera with the old camera! I am surprised that this old flame of a camera didn't have its lens out of joint for being asked to shoot the new love interest. My camera is a Nikon, but not the same.
This is a great time of year to take a hard look at a garden bare bones and do some changes.Thanks to all this mild weather, I have started shifting things around as well.

Cat said...

I ,love your bare bones, they will be wonderful!

Lona said...

Sounds like a good plan Joy. I cannot wait to see it when you are done. Things are starting to grow in your garden pretty good now. You take it easy and do not hurt yourself kiddo.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rebecca ! .. your shot of the grand kids is so nice, and all this talk of lilacs is wonderful .. I can almost smell them ! You are so right about how fast the garden changes .. a day of sun and moderate temperatures make such a difference doesn't it: )

Rose girl you are perfectly right .. it is waking up ! Your crabapple tree shots were gorgeous .. all of your plants are way ahead of mine .. but soon I will catch up .. and I will be complaining about the heat ? LOL

Patricia I tried to go into your blog but it wouldn't let me .. do I need a special key to unlock the door ? LOL
I am really hoping to make the plans in my head actually work in the garden .. fingers crossed !

Jennifer girl.. that was an amazing "interview" of that fabulous garden !
I have found it easier to switch with this Nikon because it tries to be "dummy proof" and a lot of the set up is like my Olympus, which I still love too ;-)
Yes .. time to shift gears and revamp lay outs for sure !

Cat girl you are sweet, thank you.
I want to keep shooting pictures so the process will look great?LOL

Lona girl I am trying not to repeat that .. hum .. garden accident which is still a pain even after almost 2 years .. but wow .. once I get going .. I lose all track of time and it is hard to slow down .. but I am trying girl ! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am sure it would be wonderful in a couple of weeks.
It looks like are doing well with the camera, too.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


This is every gardeners dream, to start over. But we all suffer from guilt when we get rid of plants we once sought out. I got rid of my roses in the front of my house because they never did well and no one wanted them, even put them in the alley to take for FREE!

I can't wait to see what you do with such great space.



Now I know why you haven't been writing. You're busy enjoying this springy weather, aren't you? I must say your garden looks really nice even with its barest of bones. I love that tellis along the fence. I can't wait to see how it looks this summer. Write soon, friend. I'm missing you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sandy girl !
I am hoping by May most of the hard work will be done .. and it will look a little different ? Thanks sandy .. it is a steep learning curve but Nikon makes it as easy as possible and I am grateful ;-)

Thank you Eileen girl : )
Fingers crossed this adventure of mine will go as I hope .. by May things should be in place .. if I am really lucky the stepping stones will be too ;-)
My goodness isn't that funny about your roses .. I guess it was just meant to be that way ..

Gracie girl (I am so sorry about my lack of e-mail .. I will rip one of this morning !!LOL)
The big thing now is to get the rebar and get the arbour bench up and in place .. thank god I have the boys working for me ? LOL
I am SORE this morning .. OUCH !LOL