Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tuesday's Mission Done !

Yesterday we got a lot accomplished .. the big thing was moving the Autumn Brilliance service berry tree .. I had originally thought it would have to come out altogether .. but I side winded it ?
In other words it moved to the left .. far enough hopefully that the new arbor bench will be fine with it's roses in each side.

It is a bit hard to see (note water can went for a walk last night, drank too much and fell over ?)
Those few feet make a big difference when trying to squeeze in this arbor .. I really wanted to keep it in this area .. so mission accomplished with the help of my guys : )
Service berry tree with asterisk on it.

Early morning pictures doesn't do the garden justice but I know I may be in work mode again today so I am in a bit of a hurry .. I missed applying dormant oil to this poor baby so I am hoping the "rust" problem won't be so bad this Spring/Summer.
One thing that added to the stress of this little tree was that we didn't apply a tree guard for the winter .. we thought it was "safe" BUT "BunnyBeans" rabbit, was snacking on the trunk ..
 So I am not sure how well this little tree will actually do .. another fingers crossed !

We are still working on the area for the old garden bench .. my mock orange shrub was very old and the roots are something else to deal with .. even a hatchet has been employed .. extreme gardening can be scary !!!
But I think the pictures gives you an idea of the two benches facing each other from their locations.
New arbour/bench set to go while resting on deck .. boys'in the hood guarding until we get this mission done !
Just an update on the birdhouse hot real estate situation ... happy family in and out like lightening .. they don't swoop at us while we work in the area , for which I am glad .. they are a little unsettled by the activity but in the end ? I am sure they will approve the new set up : )


Unknown said...

I love the design of your back yard. I am excited with you on the new addition...looking forward to seeing it in place. I think gardening should be considered an "Extreme Sport" at times, lol.

Lona said...

A person really has to watch out for those drunken watering cans. They will spew all over the place. LOL!
A friend should never let watering cans get tipsy.
So you have been busy and I can see you have a plan going on there. It is wonderful to have muscles around when undergoing major moving of plants.Do not overdo there we do not need you ending up like that watering can... down and out.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finished garden. But what am I saying? A garden is never finished!

Cat said...

Your amazing!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Darla girl !
Yes I think it can very well be an extreme sport ! LOL
It is a small back garden compared to most .. but it seems BIG when you try to redesign what has been there for years and years !

Lona girl water cans are so bad at times !!! LOL
I try to keep an eye on it but it keeps sneaking away looking for drips any where ! .. I am trying very hard not to end up in that position ;-)

Sandy girl how true is that .. it varies from year to year but it is never a sit back and do nothing hobby ? art ? I just hope it lives up to my ideas ? LOL

Cat .. girl, I am nervous that I won't quite get it up to par .. and .. I have a lot of plants coming through mail order .. so I really have to burn some brain cells to figure this out the best way possible !!