Monday, 30 April 2012

When your hubby knows what you need but also what you WANT!

OK .. I guess this is filed as an early Mother's Day present(s) .. it was totally unexpected and totally COOL!
I have odd cravings .. I'll put that right up front and get it on the table, no holes barred .. I'm a bit loopy.
I think every gardener has a loopy side .. in fact, I don't think you can really garden without a loopy side.
It keeps us going when we hit walls such as losing a favorite plant to what ever conditions plough the poor thing under and out for the count.
Northern gardeners can usually put it down to a wacky winter .. which in fact is something we have gone through .. gardeners that get to garden all year long (now they are one brave crew .. I would be exhausted and in a heap on the floor moaning and groaning) .. hum ? .. I do that anyways once the dreaded heat and humidity heat us in the summer .. so we all go through that fetal position, moaning and groaning at some time right ?
OK .. I will get to the point now .. I have a lot of vines and quite a few grasses .. big ones .. ok not enough to thatch a roof with, but it is a pain in the butt to cut them all down come Spring.
Vines .. why do I put myself through them heaven only knows .. but they do becoming amazingly beautiful.
So what kind of a gadget would help me with a BIG trim up mission ?

... and it is cordless, there for not as easy to wrap myself in it and fall off the ladder ?
Cool right ?? .. I said "Oh .... that is nice !" .. thinking a tool? for Mother's Day ?
Then the icing on the cake came out of the bag .. humour me ?

This is where the strange cravings come in ... I have a THING for the "Travelocity Gnome"
I can't help myself .. I love this  little guy to bits .. every commercial makes me laugh and I maybe the one woman fan club here in Kingston ..
I said to hubby " I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS !!!"  some times hubbies can really get it spot on !!
One more time now !
Thanks dear ! .. I totally LOVE this Mother's Day booty !!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I'm a gnome lover too. Your latest addition is adorable.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are blessed with a caring loving husband. What great booty. I don't think it is odd either. :)

Karen said...

I gotta have that gnome!!!!

Nadezda said...

Nice post, lovely gnome,he's very serious man, that why you love this thing.

Marguerite said...

Every garden needs a bright gnome. What a wonderful gift. Even the trimmer as I know you'll enjoy having the right tool for the job this season.

CiNdEe said...

That is totallyyyyy cool! I have wanted a cordless hedge trimmer forever but am affraid to buy one because I wasn't sure it would be strong enough to cut my hedge. I have a privet hedge. You have to let me know how it works so I can get one. I guess I could always take it back if didn't cut my hedge right? I have a cordless weed eater and I totally love it. It was the best tool I have ever bought.
The little man is going to look great in your garden(-: I am sure you are beside yourself today! Happy Early Mothers Day(-;

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Linda girl !
I just couldn't get that gnome out of my mind ? LOL

Lisa girl hello there : )
I think other gardeners just know we are all a bit loopy ? LOL

Karen girl it is at Canadian Tire .. and if not at the store it is on line too. So you have to GET him girl !!

Hello Nadezda and thank you : )
That gnome kept calling to me ? haha

Marguerite this trimmer really caught my husband's eye of course he was thinking of me .. but I know he can't wait to try it out too!

Cindee girl , with all of the jobs in your garden .. you have to have this type of tool ! and yes, of course you could bring it back if it was just right for you !!
I do love this little man .. I haven't broken the news to Dave and the boys yet .. or Putter !eekk!


I've got hedge trimmers just like yours only I have a cord. I've already eaten through two so I have to be very careful from now on.

So you love this little T. Gnome, eh? I bet you love the Geiko Gekko too? I sure do.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie girl were you trying to chop a tree down with the hedge clippers ? LOL .. YUP ! I have a thing for that gekko too ! hahaha