Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May 1st is Finally Here ?

May first has quietly arrived with a rainy day which I am not going to complain about .
It is so good for the garden .. soaking it in .. warming it up ... it is ALL good !
These pictures are in the last week of April ...

A hellebore that looks like a rose ?

Hearts waiting to unfold ......

One of my favorite roses happily growing and stretching ...

Now for the rainy start to May .. violas, pansies, a false cypress (Gold Mop Threadleaf) I fell for .. and .. a very healthy looking black mondo grass "Black Knight" .. I wanted one for a while but by the time I went looking each season they were so sickly looking I just couldn't nurse one at that time.
..... and a tray of half priced small perennials to fill in some gaps !

It looks like there are gaps here, but in fact there are many plants waiting to push themselves out and reach for that sunshine they like a dose of ... some what like us ? .. even Buddha is calmly waiting : )

 Cloudy rainy days make pictures rather dull .. but on with the chores for May .. just to start, I have six bags of black mulch .. I am a mulch-maniac !
 It does the garden GOOD !

Winthrop is also waiting for those warm bright sunny days .. he is very patient for a small gargoyle ..
None of the boys .. not even Dave or Putter .. know about my new boy in the'hood ...
 I haven't even named him yet ! ... I should work on that today .. you can't introduce a new gnome without a proper name !


Unknown said...

Send me that rain!!!!!!!!!! I did see your new garden guy the other day. My eyes were so blurry had to get off the computer, migraine.

spurge said...

Your garden is really waking up and looking great! That hellebore is amazing - I would never have guessed what it was if you hadn't told us.


Well I shall eagerly await your introductions. Your garden looks wonderful, both up close and far away. Hooray for May and for gentle rain.

Skeeter said...

6 Bags of mulch, Only 6 bags??? Ha, I spread over 100 this spring! Yes, I am a mulch freak! Na, not really just went with mulch over pine needles this year for a different look. I had no idea it would take so darn much. Maybe next year, I will get a truck load delivered. I planted a False Cypress last fall and it looks like it made it during our mild winter and drought conditions. I have the water sprinkler on it as I type. The temps are so hot in the 90's and breaking records each day. Not normal and with no rain, makes for a unhappy gardner... Oh well, I have my health so will stop complaining.... Nice gnome and clippers...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Darla girl (hope the migraines is gone !) .. Yup my little guy here is perfection ! but don't tell Dave please or Putter !! eeekkk !

Hello there Rebecca and yes ! finally waking up is a wonderful time : )
Yes this hellebore stopped me in my tracks and made me think "rose" formation !

Gracie girl hello there : )
Ah yes ... wonderful rain does make a huge difference ! Thanks girl !

Skeeter girl how the heck are YOU !
hey ... 6 is a start girl ;-) LOL
Yup .. truck load is always cheaper.
This mini False Cypress has me totally in love with it : )
OMG ! I would be crawling on the ground with those temps .. better you than me ?? LOL

Nadezda said...

you've got some bags of mulch, I don't use mulch. I prefer ground cover plants such as loosestrife. Very nice is your new boy, I think he's sly.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda
Yes I do use mulch but I do also use ground covers such as lamium and Gold Creeping Jenny .. that is dotted all over the gardens .. gives it a punch of yellow! ..