Thursday, 3 May 2012

Little Miss Sunshine ?

I have a weakness for a certain hosta that came to live in my gardens ..
Yes .. the name is cute ... but by golly so is this little charmer !
Pictures from today do not do it justice .. we have had rain and the dirt has back splashed on those beautiful leaves .. but even with a dirty face ? she still SMILES !

Placing her with darker plants is key to showing each plant off .. sneak some Gold Creeping Jenny in and that punch of gold is all over the garden ..
Little Miss Sunshine is a favorite of mine  .. now .. I didn't want to ruin the rhyme ?

Another "Light and Dark" force is Jack Frost brunnera and Pink Skyrocket tiarella which I have had in the garden for ages .. they keep coming back each Spring .. smiling away .. so who could not love plants like these ?

The Spring bulbs are still coming along .. but I went ahead and refreshed my lavender circle with all new Provence lavender .. I wanted uniformity with them .. starting with new plants is the trick .. I am going to spread more lamium around as well .. so this circle area with shine after the bulbs are finished and are dying back .. that is the plan ... hopefully it will turn out the way it is looking in my head ?

Yes ... things are still a bit messy and I haven't begone spreading the mulch yet .. I am loving the rain that mom nature is gracing us with .. we had no snow this winter and the earth NEEDS all of the rain she can get .. so no complaints here .. although I wish I had tarped ? the mulch, so it wouldn't be so wet ! DARN !!


Barry said...

I love that Hosta! Definitely has 'Reptilian' parentage with those wonderful long, pie crust edge ripped leaves! I fell in love with a new one, well new to the garden centre as well - Hosta Designer Genes, check it out! I too have been embracing the rain and after the recent visit to Lost Horizons with Deborah, I have been doing some necessary relocating...... you here, you there, no maybe it should have been YOU here, and you there!!! Hope all is well with you!

Lona said...

Hi Joy. Your hosta is such an attention getter. It looks so good with its bright leaves. I adore the Pink Skyrocket tiarella. Your circle bed is looking lovely.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The much needed rain sure is making it easier to work in the garden. Your garden is looking lovely. I keep wondering when mine will be at that final stage and all I have to do is maintain it, but I keep moving things around, digging others up, and yearning for more.

Marguerite said...

Even with the plants in their wee stage your garden has so much colour. Even in the wide shot there is so much leaping out at me. Great job.

Unknown said...

I just love how you arrange your plants!!

Nadezda said...

Joy, your little miss grows near Heuchera, I love this color and its leaves!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Barry !
She is a beauty is she not ?
I got her last year and I was wowed with the form and colour.
Yes .. the rain is perfect and we just have to run outside between the showers and relocate plants here and there and lets not forget planting new ones too ? LOL

Lona girl thank you : ) Pink Skyrocket looks very dark right now but the true colours will be emerging soon .. yes I still have lots of Spring bulbs to open in that bed .. which is great .. it is a longer process than most so it keeps smiling at me ? LOL

Linda girl thank you and I am in the same frame of mind .. when will I ever arrive at just maintenance ?
I keep coming up with ideas every year .. it has to slow down some time though ... right ? ;-)

Marguerite girl thank you : )
This period of time , the next 4 to 6 weeks is the extreme change over when plants really fill in .. the fastest growth and fullness.
It always amazes me when i look back to the monthly pictures and how it changes : )

Darla girl thanks : ) it will look a lot better once the black mulch is down though .. mulch always makes it look neater I find.

Hello Nadezda : )Yes I really want Little Miss to have good company and with the heuchera and tiarella she seems to be happy .. thank you!

Patty said...

The garden is looking great despite the poor weather. The lime hosta against that tiarella are a knockout combination.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Patty and I am still in awe of this hosta even from last year .. it is a beauty : )


Yes indeed, Little Miss Sunshine is a beauty. I love both the shape and color of the leaf. Isn't it amazing the versatility of the hosta leaf?