Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sky Shot and A Blogging Friend Indeed !

OK .. I have not got the greatest sky shot for Friday but here is a "shot" at it anyways !

A nice quiet sunrise with a touch of fog and an orange glow .. not extremely riveting but not too shabby ?

And now for something completely different .. I have to brag about a wonderful present a fellow garden blogger all the way from Germany has graced me with (she is one heck of a knitter !!)

I had to hike up my pajamas and hold that pose with my knees to keep them up so these lovely socks could be seen ! ... and something as a bonus that will come in very handy for next winter (yup .. winter will roll on again eventually .. eeekk !)  .. "wrist warmers" to match !

These are the coolist oops ! warmest presents I have received ! (aside from hubby's I mean .. sorry Meggie!) ... Speaking of Meggie .. she is my fellow nut case gardener .. her blog is
Meggie's Flowers/Colours in my Life .. so take a visit over to Northern Germany where Meggie lives and have a peek at her adventures !
P.S.  .... Emma just had to check things out and sneak a pose in these pictures you might have noticed ?

The next thing I want to mention is something I ran across just today .. that Saturday night is "Super Moon" night for the year .. the moon is supposed to be very close and very brilliant for those of us who can stay awake that long .. but I will be aiming for some pictures , as long as I can keep my eyelids open ..
The weather is forecasted to be clear so I hope my cameras and I can capture some focused shots of this beauty : )


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Lucky you!!! :)

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Lady! The cloud that runs horizontally across the top of the photo looks like it was painted on silk - nice!

Love the sockies!! :)

meggie said...

Hi Joy Girl, I'm so glad that the package has finally arrived!
and that the socks fit!! uff and Emma had accepted them ;-)
I'm sooo glad that you're happy!!!
Thank you soo much for your warm words

Take care

By the way - last night I felt so shivery.So fast put on the wristlets and all is well :-)

Nadezda said...

Joy, the socks are knitted with taste, the different patterns on both socks.
Great present!

Lona said...

What a beautiful sunrise.
Wow can that girl knit! Those are just what you need on a cold day.What a wonderful gift.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rebecca girl and thank you : )

Ms S girl : ) thank you and yes, that cloud does look special doesn't it ?

Meggie girl : )I love my socks and wrist warmers and yes Emma approves of them all : ) Thanks girl !

Hello Nadezda and thank you very much .. Meggie is one heck of a knitter : )

Hello there Lona girl and yup ! I am prepared once more for the Great white North winters ! haha


Hey, I thought I was your nutcase garden buddy! (Foot stomp.)

I love Meggie's work. She is very talented, isn't she? And Emma is so sweet getting herself on the Internet.