Wednesday, 23 May 2012


How can you not love this tiny wonder ?


Nadezda said...

Joy, yes, it's a wonderful flower! I love this color and shape of its leaves.

Unknown said...

Your photography skills are so good little Missy!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I love epimedium but I do not have it at this house, so many plants I miss!


Barry said...

Beware Joy, once you fall victim to their charm, they tend to increase tenfold, as does their price. I just doled out $25 for the latest one and I am headed back to Lost Horizons tomorrow with a fellow plant geek enthusiast! A great way to spend the day off!

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I have the exact same variety. They are one of the tiniest flowers I in the garden, but as they say, sometimes great things come in small packages.

VW said...

I have a new little 'Alabaster' epimedium coming up - just planted the bareroot plant last month, so who knows if it will bloom this year. I'm pretty excited to have my first epimedium. And I LOVE your header photo with Ballerina tulips (I think). What a gorgeous shape, especially contrasting against your foliage mix in the background.

RURAL magazine said...

Oh Joy, you always fill my gardening heart with happiness because I think that hey, if she has it there, I can have that plant here.

I love epimediums...probably spelled it wrong, but I am in a hurry. Had one in a pot, it died after a year or so, might have been too wet.

Wonder if they will grow under all the fir trees?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Neza S.G. said...

Lovely pictures... I thought I'd look you up.. it's been a while.
-The Rock And Roll Gardener

Cat said...

Very pretty my dear!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

It is a tiny beauty isn't it Nadezda ? Almost an impossible little wonder?

Darla girl I am so behind in blog visits because my garden is demanding so much attention .. I wrote a reply to your last one though !!

Eileen girl .. I have to get over to your garden and see what is happening!! You should find at least one that is perfect for this house girl !

Sweetie .. you have spoken the truth !! LOL I am fascinated by these tiny flowers and the foliage is beautiful too! I have to find out what you found again with your trip .. I so wish they and you were closer so we could garden talk !LOL

Jennifer how true is that ? they are magical to me .. it should be in a tiny fairy garden where the proportion is just right ? LOL

Jen girl you have to have at least one .. I am thinking I have to have another one, just to be safe .. and YES !! just find the right spot .. mine has some morning sun and then light shade the rest of the day.

VW girl that one sounds really interesting .. I have to look it up! .. YES !! Ballerina tulips are my most favorite tulips now .. Angelique was a disappointment .. but Ballerina made up for it so they are on my radar for more !!
They will go with just about anything (when you really love them in any case ?) wink wink !

Neza girl how the heck are you? I just flew past your blog and left a comment .. I have you on my Blog roll now too : )

Cat girl (thank you !) I am amazed with the bounty of your garden .. it is absolutely beautiful and all of the projects you have on the go ? perfect .. I would love some of that liquor !! LOL


And it's not just the flowers but those luscious leaves! I love Epis and though I only have one, I want them all.