Monday, 28 May 2012

Front Garden Parade : )

I took some pictures a few days ago of the front garden plants ..
 They were fresh looking and very appealing !
So appealing I was totally distracted taking pictures until I downloaded them and saw a great BIG fat WEED smiling at me in some of them ..
That weed thought he had it made .. but as soon as I saw it ?
I plucked that saucy sucker OUT !
On with the parade !

 My first Japanese Maple "Bloodgood"

I love different colours and textures all jumbled up

Beautiful Bleeding Hearts, Astilbe, Heuchera, Campanula, Tiarella, Lamium, Pulmonaria  .....

Barberry, Sedum, Weigela,Hosta, Brunnera ....
I'm working on a "trench" planting below the stones ... I just couldn't help myself  ?

In the mean time ... can anyone tell me what this little winged wonder is ? I think it is some sort of moth , rather than a butterfly as husband thought .. tell me I am right ? LOL


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Those darn weeds that pop up in the photo why don't we see them when we click the photo? Probably because we are so focused on the plant.
I think that is an 8 spotted forester moth.

Karen said...

Your garden is coming along great! I think it's a Spotted Forester moth...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Joy your garden is gorgeous. I can only dream of all of those textures. So many of those plants get too hot here in summer.
That is a moth. I can't remember the name of it. We had one in our garden a couple of years ago. It is a beauty too.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I just love the mix of colors rather then patterns. It is always interesting to use different plants that blend together.


Nadezda said...

Joy, your garden looks very well-kept, I like the combination of the colors and your Japanese maple is just lovely!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl : )
Those naughty weeds have an invisible clock until we download the pictures!
Thanks for the ID on the little moth .. I don't remember seeing one before!

Karen girl hope you are feeling good!and thank you girl : ) for complementing my garden and the ID on the moth you and Linda were .. spot on !! hahaha

Lisa girl thank you : )I have an idea this is going to be a hard summer with heat and humidity .. a BIG yuck to that from both my plants and I ! haha .. yup a moth!

Hello Eileen girl .. I love all of your roses !!! they are fantastic!
I have a few years to wait for mine to come into that type of growth.
Thank you girl .. I am a crazy gardener ;-)

Hello Nadezda and thank you : )
I love Japanese Maples .. and now with the purple corkscrew hazel it makes for more of a contrast : )

Unknown said...

Joy, I love all the different colors and textures you have in your plants....beautiful. Email sent.


You are such a great gardener, Joy Dear. I had to laugh when you used the word, "weed." It's never used in the singular in my garden. Rather, it's always "weeds." Beautiful textures and colors, girl. I love it all. Thanks for letting us see your front garden. I don't know that I've ever seen it before. Hugs.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Darla girl : )
I can't wait to see my goodies girl !!

Gracie girl the front is in transition .. and a bit of rumpling because of the new AC/Heatpump to be installed .. but it is at the back behind my yews .. so hopefully not too conspicuous ? eeekk !