Thursday, 17 May 2012

Naked in the Garden ?

Do you have very slow plants or trees that are the last ones to go from "naked" to GREEN in your garden when all of the other plants are leaping ahead wickedly ?
I have two .. the Bittersweet vine (which is really a monster once it gets going) .. I have said many a naughty word to it during these years .. but the birds adore it .. so what can I do ?
And then there is my Stag Horn Sumac ..
 I swore when we eventually bought a house coming back from the Netherlands .. after seeing what they did with their Sumacs (pure artistic genius !) .. that I would have a beautiful Sumac too .. and it is ..once it gets going !
Husband and son always thinks it is dead every time it is pollard ... but you could not kill this "sucker" with dynamite .. plus it sends out runners like evil minions .. but again I have to deal with them to have my
"Halloween Tree" and that means a lot to me ... in Autumn it is brilliant !!
So on with the look of a dead tree to signs of life clothing it's nakedness ? wink wink !

 ... and there we go ... the "clothes" are coming back on again !!


Unknown said...

Oh yeah! There's life in them there bones...getting back with you on the pendants later... wink

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Ha ha ha...Joy, you got me with the title of this post "Naked in the Garden ?" I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on it. Anyway, I know exactly what you mean about some plants taking their time. Hibiscus seems to be one of the slower-growing ones. I never know until we're almost halfway into May if my hibiscus have survived the winter. They do like for it to warm up quite a bit before they start to put 'clothes' on.

Patty said...

In my garden the Black Walnuts are the last to leaf out. Right now the leaves have budded and are about half open. It is great for all the spring ephemerals as they get a decent amount of sunlight to grow well. This tree is also the first to drop all its leaves in my yard, so they don't last long.

CiNdEe said...

It does look outstanding in the fall and that is the main thing(-: I think they look pretty when they are leafed out too but nothing like that fall color(-:

Cat said...

I love your sumac!
I've been sick all week, but am better now.

Lona said...

Naked! Girl you had me worried there for a minute. LOL! Get better, Hugs.

Jenny said...

I like your post. We have a lot of naked tres in Holland now that are just coming out like yours. The Dutch cut them back in the winter so they are bare and exposed. But come August they will be beautiful. THe season is short. xo Jenny


Cute tree. My Tiger Eyes Sumac is like that too, even though I don't cut it back. :) It's just late getting going in the spring. I guess it's the nature of the "beast." :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darla girl : ) I am SO LATE on here .. we will figure it out some way right ?

Martha I have been driving myself into the ground with the garden but I can't help it with the weather being so beautiful and the chance to get things done .. I know I will be sorry once the pain starts to roar !
I heard another gardener complain about her hibiscus at CT garden center here .. some winters are hard on them like this past freaky one with that HOT spell !

Hello Patty girl .. I have heard Black Walnuts are not well behaved? trees LOL .. but yes that open canopy for the ephemerals to have a chance to shine is a nice point : )

Cindee girl I am so behind in visiting .. you know how it is with me .. once I let loose in the garden I usually drag myself back in the house and collapse .. then start the whole process all over again ? LOL
Yup .. that amazing Autumn colour it goes is my favorite : )

Cat girl .. I am so sorry you have been sick .. I really hope you are feeling much better now .. I have to get over to your blog girl !

Lona girl .. you never have to worry about naked stories here .. I could never make people faint when my blog downloads for you all ? LOL

Hello Jenny !
YES ! Those 4 years we lived in South Limburg .. traveling and seeing so much of your beautiful country we saw a lot of pollarding going on but the trees always looked beautiful when they leafed out: )

Gracie girl .. nature of the beast .. hum? .. that sounds like me .. I was dragging my butt after hours of garden jobs and snapping at poor hubby ... and I am not sure I can stay out of the garden today .. although my bed is looking good girl? hahaha

RobinL said...

The last one in my garden to come alive is the Chinese Fringe tree. It stays naked for so long, but it's worth the wait, just like your sumac.