Friday, 18 May 2012

The Sun's Impression ....

I watched this sky a few days ago and thought it was the sun's impression of the moon ....
What do you think?


Nadezda said...

Joy, I think that you camera and lens are quite well, the photos are wonderful.

Unknown said...

Moon's impression of the sun :0

Carolyn ♥ said...

I think it's simply beautiful... and I love the changes to your blog!


Hi Joy, Did you just hear that weird sound? That was me, here in Oregon, squealing with delight over your little bunny photo!

Dang I've been away too long.

Love the sun/moon shots. They're awesome.

Marguerite said...

That's the sun? wow, it really does look like the moon, especially with the dark sky and cloud cover. Did you hear about the eclipse that's supposed to happen this weekend?

RURAL magazine said...

I think like always that you are queen of the sky shots...sigh.

Very nice.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Nadezda .. I am very late with responding to comments .. all of my time is taken up by my garden .. so much to do to get it to the point that I just water and weed!! haha

Ha Ha Darla girl very funny .. yup that is just about it ? wink wink

Hello Carolyn how are you girl ?!
Thank you so much : )

Gracie I am in bad shape here and I still am dragging myself in the garden .. I am missing time visiting blogs in a BIG way but I know you forgive me girl ;-)
Thank you .. squeal away because he/she is just too cute : )

Hello Marguerite girl!
I haven't heard about that .. I wonder when it is supposed to happen .. I have to look that up .. I have to take a day off and just catch up on here with everyone too!!

Jen girl how are you feeling ? I hope the chiro guy can work some wonders for you .. hope the sprinkler system can be worked out .. now you know "why" about the plants eh ? wink wink