Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Almost Quietly Shy ?

No , there is nothing shy about this blazing red daylily .. it screams look at me !

Others hide their faces as much as possible .. now that is shy !

Still others are like "Girls just wanna' have fun" theme

The quiet ones wait for their time .. in the shade

... and still others have me waiting for them .. Rozanne geranium was planted last year and just now this year a few flowers have graced this spot ... Joe Zary clematis is planted with her to keep her company.
Now it is a matter of time to see how beautiful they will look together with blue on blue !


Randy said...

As usual your garden is just beautiful. What are the highest temps that you normally have there?

Nadezda said...

Joy, I love your shy astilbe, are white?
I've got white and purple, and the shade corner gets brighter when astilbes bloom.

Lona said...

Hi Joy! Girl I love that red lily. What a beauty. What is the little white blooms with your Geranium in the last picture? I love those wispy blooms.

Anonymous said...

You have some pretty things blooming right now!

Larry said...

I just love daylilies and they are coming into bloom here as well. The last couple years I hybridized them and ended up with about 500 new plants or so... most turned out quite nice so it's difficult to cull them! Your pictures are very lovely! Larry

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Randy (again ? LOL)
I wrote back to you about what high heat and humidity we can suffer under here in Kingston .. I dread it and hide in the house as much as possible. Your bouquet was absolutely beautiful and the scent must have been heavenly !

Nadezda girl hello there !
YES ! beautiful astilbe in the shade truly light it up doesn't it? All colours but especially white really puts on a show there : )

Lona girl .. I think the exact name of the annual euphorbia is Stardust something (aren't I a card ? LOL)
I love annual euphorbia but they keep trying to make different ones and if I could just stick with one like the first one I had .. Diamond Frost , I would be happy !!LOL

Hello Sandy girl and thank you .. the weather makes us work very hard for the blooms to be happy .. phew! I hate the heat/humidity crap!

Hello Larry : )
Thank you very much and I am again in awe of your gardens!
To create so many new lilies like that is just amazing .. the pictures were beautiful !!

Jennifer said...

Joy, Your garden in the header shot looks great. I have a number of red daylilies and they are quite brazen show-offs. The shyest thing in my garden are the cilantro flowers. They are so petite and delicate, rather like the tiny white flowers in your last image. Have a great long weekend Joy! Happy Canada Day, eh!

Gatsbys Gardens said...


That header is a great shot of your garden. Red is not a favorite color of mine, but I love shots of it in the garden. I have it in daylilies and petunias this year. Rozanne is a great geranium, will bloom up until frost.


Skeeter said...

It is those shy ones you gotta watch. Hee hee. I added Rozanne to my gardens a few weeks ago. So far doing well and hopefully will hang around for a while...


Hi Joy Dear, Yes that clemmy, Rozanne and the purple yard art are going to make quite a show.

Love them daylilies too!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl Happy Canada Day back at you!! .. There are some very shy characters in the garden for sure , but they take a little searching for .. the "big bang" show offs just draw our attention so quickly we forget .. and yes ! herb flowers are some of the most delicate beautiful detailed ones : )

Hello Eileen girl !
I haven't been blog hopping in a while and I have to get over to your place to see what is going on there ! Red is tricky in the garden because it is so "loud" but it can certainly draw your attention to where ever it is for punctuation?LOL

Skeeter girl .. Halloween is coming close to the 100 day mark in a few weeks : ) hehehehe
Yup ... the shy ones have to be watched .. hum ... I was shy in my girlhood .. I wonder what happened?
LIFE ???? hahaha

Thanks Gracie girl .. I have only heard good remarks about Rozanne so I am looking forward to seeing how it does : ) Day lilies are hard candy compared to cotton candy the astilbe behave like ! LOL