Friday, 22 June 2012

Simple Pleasures

Some times we are so busy working in and with our gardens we forget to enjoy the truly simple eye candy that happens in the hectic mix of garden activity ....
This little hosta in a terra cotta pot made me stop and think .. " ... now that is a pretty combination !"
The picture is not the best .. it was taken after a rain show .. clarity is lacking ... detail is dragging it's butt behind too ... but it made me smile.
Especially since I scooped it up for a very reasonable price of $5 and change ...
Fire Island  is a perfect hosta for my deck .. in a perfect pot ... and look at those red stems ... well you will have to take it from me that there are red stems that look beautiful !
Lavender flowers will follow when it decides to smile for me.
 I will plant it in the garden come late summer but for now it is here where I can keep an eye on it and enjoy it even from the kitchen : )
Another wonderful pleasure and gift  .. our two wild bunnies and two little chipmunks were playing and nibbling in the garden this morning .. watching them was such a treat ..
I am so glad small pleasures are actually HUGE ones for hubby and I !


Randy said...

Well, I think the photo is great. And the hosta is gorgeous. I can't wait to get more shade so I can fill the garden with ferns, hostas and hydrangeas!

Rebecca said...

I believe that's the secret of life lived well - finding joy in "small" things....

Nadezda said...

Joy, I love hostas too. They are unpretentious and bright and grow well in shade corners of the garden.

Unknown said...

I like this rectangle container with the hosta in it...oh and you are much more patient with the garden visitors than I am..

CiNdEe said...

Very pretty(-: Love Mr. Chips too. He looks very happy(-: Happy Summer to you too(-: We are having a wonderful cool day here and more to come for the weekend! I love when the temperature is like this!!! We even had a bit of rain.

Lona said...

It looks lovely Joy. I like those red stems too. Have a wonderful weekend!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, what a sweet little hosta! So glad you are enjoying these days. :)

BTW, your header photo is ab fab!!


I'm so glad your critters have stuck around. They're smart and know where it's safe. I love the little hosta. You did a wonderful job on photographing it. You're so right about enjoying the pleasures while they're here. My deep, rosy-pink Spiraea is in bloom and combined with all the bloomers around it, I just can't help but stare at the scene. So delightful. Life is good.

Vetsy said...

Joy I so agree that the smallest and the simplest pleasures can bring grate joy.

I have not had the time to do something as simple as watching the birds. This morning before I got ready for work.

Two nosey little tit mice landed on my banister. They hopped here and there and one of them decided to land on my wind chims... The loud chime spooked them into the near by pine tree. Just that little incident kept me smiling all day.

Skeeter said...

Bunny and Chipmunk are cute until the start eating your Hosta. Then it becomes a different kind of fun. hee hee...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Randy !
It does become a sanctuary from the hot sun and there is a special feel for a shade garden .. so I think you will enjoy it a great deal : )

Rebecca girl that is too true .. but so many times we get caught up in some drama and forget it .. I am so happy to remember those moments of just a simple pleasure : )

Nadezda I wish I had taken two of them now .. isn't that always the way .. yu figure that testing one should be the rule of thumb then you lose out .. but I do have this ONE ! LOL

Darla girl , I know so many people get crazy when little creatures play in the gardens but they are just following their instincts and to feel safe enough to enjoy my garden ? it is special to us : )

Cindee girl I am so glad you are having a cool periods and even rain ! I know it can get so hot there .. I just don't know how you manage it girl with such a gorgeous creative garden !

Lona girl hello there .. and yes those red stems do have a wee wow factor don't they ? LOL

Ms S hello there ..thank you so much : ) I had a great giggle out of your phone post girl ! Now that is creativity !

Grace girl thank you !! .. how true is that .. we become enamored with a particular plant when it comes into bloom .. talk about fixation .. I so know about that ! haha

Vetsy girl I know exactly what you mean .. just those few moments that you get to enjoy seeing something as sweet as that stays with you along time .. it is great relaxation for our brains I think!
Our Wren is such a funny little bird .. we love hearing him and watching them.

Skeeter you are EVIL !!! LOL
So far no hosta has been damaged while filming ? haha .. the only irritating thing is Mr. Chips collects goodies and hides them all over the place .. even in my deck pots .. it must mean a hard winter coming ? LOL Now be GOOD !!!!

Barbarapc said...

It looks great in the terra cotta pot - you know my first thought was, I've got a pot just like that - where the heck did I put it.....I'm on the hunt, and when I do find it, I don't have Fire Island, but I do have a couple of little hosta that need some've given me a great idea.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Barb girl : )
I love my terra cotta pots .. I have quite a few of them but the rectangle ones enhances the plants even more so I think .. any hosta is going to look great in one !! Good luck : )
PS ... I was reading about your shrub trials and I am really interested in the small gold spirea! I love those colours!