Wednesday, 18 July 2012

White ... glowing in the garden

It is still weather breaking the records here and no rain in actual months .. it is making me edgy and wondering if those Mayans are laughing their collective butts at us as the count down is actually
"counting" down .. I'm think a lot of chocolate and ice cream before I go out with a bang !
Mean while .. soft music and running water playing in my ear buds ... and I am trying to create a "Zen" like post ... because white is relaxing, non demanding .. cosmic dust sort of back drop or highlight that looks wonderful in gardens ... to me.
Casa Blanca .. my one lily, of the lily beetle type of ready to eat meal ... so far I haven't seen any!
Not even fully opened  .. I captured her this morning !
"Twinkle" clematis is amazing !  I was so worried transplanting her to the strict sun strip, she might not be happy. In spite of the harsh demands of this place she is throwing out more buds than ever.
I do have to keep an eye on her though, as with my rose babies .. they are upper most on the list of you have to water us !!
Speaking of roses ... Winchester Cathedral is glowing , a little worse for the wear of such intense heat and humidity but still a beauty !
How can anyone not smile at these "geese" ? They can put up with some pretty awful conditions and still manage a few "honks" drawing my attention closer .. they are almost a weed to some gardeners but I love them and they love me back : )
Little Lamb is hardly little right now .. it has surprised me with how massive it can be when I let go of the pruners ! Still ... a beauty : )

Chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata) ... yes, I know .. a naughty plant but I keep it in check and only saw the flower of it this year .. and it is white .. ergo a little spot in this post .. do not worry ! I keep a whip and chair close to this planting !
What about variegated foliage and throwing in some nice river stone for light bright and almost white glowing affect ? .. Rather soothing isn't it ?
Lamium ... annual euphorbia and Dusty Miller .. silvery, gray and some actual white accents.
 Look up ..... way up ... some summer mornings I get to see the beautiful moon.
Some summer days the clouds are so billowy and white it amazes me  ...

Can you see the "other" white creature on my cone flower ?
Almost a Halloween spider ?


Sue Ellen said...

I love white in the garden. We haven't had much rain either. It is thundering now ... Just hope this shower doesn't miss us.

Barry said...

Nice to see that a little rambunctiousness in a plant hasn't scared you off completely! I was a fan of the 'geese' at one time but found they languished in the dense shade - the only spot I could plant them. I haven't been nearly as brave with the 'Chameleon'..... how do you manage it. I really love 'Twinkle' and think I will have to see if I can locate her next year! No rain.... well, we have had perhaps an hour in the past week but still.....

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I love white blooms in the garden, yes, so peaceful. At least that awful humidity has gone tonight. It is a pleasure to walk around the garden.

meggie said...

Good morning, Joy girl!
Wow so glowing white! The lilie and Winchester Cathedral and Twinkle,
they are so overwhelmingly beautiful!

Houttuynia cordata, this plant sprawls so strong?

Your moon - fantastic!!!
And the white clouds are so ...I can't verbalize - wow.
This morning our sky is grey - from light til dark grey. And the humidity is 95%! You may cut the air into pieces. 14° - no comment.

Girl, have a nice day with icecream and sunshade. Please think of me when I'm shivering ....


Nadezda said...

Joy, wonderful, wonderful white lily! I love it! The photo of clouds looks like the clouds here but in other color, dark gray. We are in heavy rains third day. All my plants suffer of the tonnes of water.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sue Ellen ! I was just over to your blog admiring your plants and sharing an affection for the "Lime" hydrangea .. white does perk up a garden : )

Barry sweetie .. I have to take time to catch up on your posts and write an e-mail .. I am in a bit of a rush this morning to get some shopping done (emergency watering too!)
My geese get just enough sun to keep them happy .. the Chameleon is in a raised bed and I have kept it in check by yanking a lot out that I don't want "running" .. it survives being at the very end near the drive way where it is so hot and dry, no other plant can take it! Twinkle is utterly adorable and you have to have her!!
Sweetie .. no kidding, but we haven't even had an hour of rain .. it is scary here !

Linda girl when I opened the deck doors this morning it was such a relief to feel a cool breeze .. I hate this horrible heat/humidity and can't wait for the Fall !

Meggie girl hello there !!
Thank you so much : ) I love white plants ! .. yes the Chameleon plant can be very naughty but I keep it in check so far so good ;-)
Yes our air is like that too .. horrible .. but AC in the house saves my sanity and ice cream ? YUP!! that would be GOOD TOO!!!haha

Hello Nadezda : ) All that rain that would do us so much good and it is doing you no good for your poor plants .. we never seem to get what we need or want with the weather ! I hope it switches soon !

Lona said...

OMG girly I love that picture of the clouds. LOL!You always take the best moon shots too Joy. I love white in the garden. Just brightens up the colors. Your Loostrife is looking beautiful. It looks like we may finally get some rain or storms. It is getting awfully black out here. I will take the rain anyway we can get it now. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, White is a refreshing color with all this heat. I figure we have at least another week of high temperatures to go before we head into sightly cooler days and nights. White lilies are a favourite and I want to add white roses next year.

RobinL said...

See? I'm calmer already just seeing all that white in your garden. But you did throw me off with that pink coneflower. Didn't take me long to see to see the tiny white spider!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Lona girl !
I am a fan of white in the garden .. it is like a punctuation point to me .. or a rest stop when things get over whelming ? LOL
Hope you got rain .. we haven't but the boys have been watering for me today so that is nice : )phew!

Jennifer girl I loved all your garden pictures and your bouquets .. you inspired me to cut back my Little Lamb hydrangea .. the weight of the branches was beginning to take it's toll on the poor shrub.
So I made a bouquet of them : )
There are some gorgeous white roses .. you just have to know what you want them for .. shrubs, or climbers .. Winchester Chathedral is a beautiful smaller shrub rose .. I am still hunting for Sugar Moon .. I would love that .. I have Ilse Khrone Superior for a climber but I just got her this year so I can't say too much .. although she is throwing buds out even for her small size right now. Choose ones with Scent Jennifer .. it is a sin to breed a rose that has none !!!

Robin girl .. your plants are beautiful ! But I understand what you mean about some of them, especially the natives ? curling their toes up .. what is up with that ??? So far you are the only one that has mentioned my spider buddy !! LOL