Friday, 14 September 2012

A sky for Friday

This cloud formation was such a lucky catch ... and the bird flying away was even luckier ?
I loved the subtle forms and colours and it made it seem very dreamy to me  .. the sky always fascinates and amazes me .. I can't imagine how some people may never look up and appreciate what they see !

And now for something seasonal ? OK .. I can't help myself ... you know that !!
Some of my Halloween gang at home .. "Jack" the Pumpkin Man .. Mr. Pumpkin Head and one of the Pumpkin Princesses .... just sitting around having a chat ?


Randy said...

Halloween is just around the corner. I'm sure you are getting excited. LOL :0)

Unknown said...

Your sky photos are so dramatic, nice capture. I bet your collection of Halloween decor is big....just look at those pumpkin heads.

Heather said...

Hello Garden Joy... beautiful sky... did you ever look at the sky when you were a kid to see what shapes the clouds make... I did... still do... in the first pic your cloud perfectly depicts your halloween love, look, it's the back of a bat flying and looking down to see what he can land on, and if you look just to the right, near the top of the wing, very faintly, there's a blue heron; in pic two the bat has turned into a shrew, look at the ears and the feet... snicker... love your little Halloween set up, especially the cat... hugs.

RURAL magazine said...

Oh you found the halloweenies....


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

cheryl said...

Those clouds brought glorious rain, woooo hooooooo, the garden is lush once again :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Randy !
Yup ! .. we had rain all last night so the garden is smiling through the droplets : )

Darla girl you would be laughing at me .. I am missing a load of it(Halloween decor) .. I know it is in the house some where !!!

Heather girl hello there !
YES : ) what kid doesn't do that .. jeez .. maybe now a days kids are too plugged into their gadgets to see the sky any more ?
Hey ... I see what you mean .. especially the shrew ! haha

Jen girl I am still trying to find more Halloweenies .. I swear I thought I knew where all my stashes were !!!!

Hey Cheryl the rain last night was absolutely wonderful .. everything is well soaked and looking green: )