Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Can't be "wordless" today !

First I want to say "THANK YOU !!" to Jennifer of "Three Dogs in a Garden"
I entered the draw for this amazing book and actually won ! .. now that I couldn't wrap my head around for a bit .. I was so excited ..
I don't win draws a lot as you might guess.
So thank you VERY much Jennifer .. it is a gorgeous book and I can't wait to settle down and have a wonderful read from it : )
Jennifer has a fantastic blog with stunning pictures, so I hope you take the time to go over and have a peek.
The post today is about late bloomers at it is beautiful !
PS .. did you notice that I just had to add a Halloween item in this picture ??

Have you ever thought you lost of have gotten rid of a plant in your garden?  I mean YEARS ago?
Pink Turtlehead aka chelone obliqua ... I thought it was gone at least 5 years ago ... and now it pops up .. smiles at me ... or perhaps sticks it's tongue out at me? and there she is .. I can't find fault with it surviving like that and surprising me?

I have to mention my Karley Rose fountain grass because even through this horrible garden year she is a beauty ... how could you not love her ?
When she is in full glory like this I really feel Autumn is slipping into the garden : )

Yes .. I know .. eeeuuuww ! Marigolds ? .. they are viewed as too common to believe but those colours are Autumn colours and they deserve a little praise .. just like the Gaillardia and tricoloured sage in the above pictures .. common yes .. undeserving of attention .. NO! .. they smile brightly in one heck of a stressed garden and are owed a little attention !
Besides ......... they are ORANGE ..... and my favorite "something" Halloweeny is ORANGE too !!


Rose said...

Congratulations on winning the book from Jennifer! I thought this looked like such an interesting book; maybe you can share some of the suggestions from it in future posts.

Karly Rose is indeed a beauty, the perfect accent for fall.

Love your new layout! I keep thinking I need to update mine; maybe this winter when the snow is flying and I'm wishing it were 90 degrees again:)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Those grasses are beautiful! The orange Marigolds will go great with Halloween if they last. I am getting out my fall deor tomorrow, ready for the first day of fall next week!


Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, Thanks for the mention and the kind words. I hope you enjoy the book. Turtlehead is a great bloomer in September, isn't it? I am glad yours made a reappearance. That fountain grass is very pretty. I like the pinkish tinge it has. As far as I am concerned, marigolds are so out their back in. Love that happy orange color!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rose girl !
Thank you ! it is a beautiful book: )
Yes ! that is a great idea, thank you for reminding me : )
hey that is what our long boring winters are for .. to play with our blogs and make a plant wish list ? LOL

Eileen girl hello there .. I am a grass lover for sure .. they make me smile big time .. I have to get my decorations out properly .. I have fallen behind yet again !LOL

Hello Jennifer girl and yo are very welcome : )I love the book !!
I was so surprised to see that Turtlehead peeking at me LOL
Yes .. some of the old standards are clawing their way back .. I just can't let go of marigolds for some reason ? LOL Maybe because they survived this blasted summer ?

Unknown said...

It is so wonderful to win draws isn't it? Congrats! That grass is gorgeous and does say autumn. Marigolds are reliable for late summer early autumn color. They absolutely need recognition!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darla girl I was tickled PINK !LOL
Yup .. some gardeners can turn up their noses to old fashioned plants especially annuals .. but there are some that have a place in my heart and they stay there !!
Hope you are feeling a bit brighter ? .. I know it must be so darn difficult .. I am thinking of you girl !


It's time for a little orange in the garden. Your marigold pic is beautiful as are all of your pics, my dear.

Congrats on the win. You'll be enjoying this during the winter months, I bet.

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