Thursday, 27 September 2012

Friday skies ... and sighs

The skies have mainly been blue this week ... I have no truly interesting skies to post other than these three rather "yawning" ones ... I think I read that there should be a "harvest" moon this weekend ... and I am wondering if I will be able to snap a good picture of it .. hope so ...
A 'monkey on my back mission" has been completed .. who would know that cleaning out and organizing the shed would drive me to the brink of honest to god hot mess craziness ? (I love that saying!)
Well .. sweetie husband and number one son knew because I went on and on about it .. and no .. I didn't take pictures because I swear I would have laid on the ground and not gotten up if I stopped to do that!
I even dug out all the plants near my dear departing sumac so when the "machine" comes in they wouldn't get trampled ... now I found out it might take more than a week for it to be done .. mean while I will have them up on the deck just in case they start to shiver .. our frost date isn't until October the 10th though.
I have much more to do before I can say I have put the garden to bed for the winter ...
9 bags of black earth topsoil still in my poor KIA .. one bag standing at the ready in the back ..
So some boring pictures to top of my boring post ? .. BIG yawn .. I am beat ...
My Sweet Autumn clematis is a monster on both sites/arbors .. does anyone else think they are monsters too?
We said good bye to our beautiful Passion Flower vine ... (blue sky behind it) .. I will try to remember what the variety was if we even get a choice next year, you just never know what they will bring in.

This is just a little colour to a sunrise .. I know ... boring ... and ? my neighbor's lilac is so darn tall I am going to lose what view I had ... I wish the lottery would kick in ?? so I could have no neighbors up my nose, and I would a beautiful view to show you !!


Nadezda said...

Joy, all views are great and I loved most the first one!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Can you believe that some of the Chicago area has already had a frost. Only one of my coleus shows signs of it, but this is early for us.

My Autumn Clematis is huge also. I cut mine down in the fall so that I won't have all that fuzz to contend with next spring. It does act as a cover for the open part of the pergola, not buggy, so I think I will keep it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy SWF despite it all. Yes, I think autumn clematis is a monster. I just shear mine to keep it in bounds.If I wouldn't it would take over the world.

Jennifer said...

Clear blue skies and beautiful days may be bad for pictures, but they are not difficult to appreciate! LOL We had a tough summer, but who could complain about the fall we are having? I too have a lot of things to accomplish before I can put the garden to bed before the winter. Have a great weekend Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl !
Thanks you so much .. I really have a hard time controlling Sweet Autumn but I do have to say it is a beauty at the same time ;-)

Eileen girl hello there !
I checked our predicted first frost date and it is supposed to be Oct 10th .. but who knows really eh ?
I have seen your pergola with it and it is beautiful .. I think it is the fact mine are on arbors that it gets nuts .. but .. I will severe the link to the bulk of it this Fall so maybe it will be easier to get down in the Spring .. thanks for that tip girl !

Lisa girl there you are ;-)
Yup .. that is what I have to do .. actually did do it in late June but holy smokes it took off again on me .. it is CRAZY !

Hello Jennifer girl : )
I love the cool blue days of Autumn too : ) Yes I have so much more to knock off my list yet .. the tree removal company is keeping me waiting .. but I will have to get other things done then so there are no excuses for me ? LOL