Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Keeping Track of Bulbs

I hesitated showing pictures of my front garden (one section here) because it is taken from inside and the picture .. well .. it sucks .. (these pictures have the inside front window "shine" to them,sorry!)
But ! It keeps track of what I did with my day lilies and daffodil  (Fortune) bulbs.
In general I had planted two different types of day lily on either side of the curve (if you stand in front of this bed it sort of looks like Africa in shape) ..
In any case . I am wondering about the wisdom of my enthusiasm?
Standing in front of the bed the day lily is Little Grapette is on the left side.. a dwarf, reblooming, low maintenance beauty.
On the right it is Little Business another dwarf, reblooming, low maintenance day lily.
The white stars indicates lots of daffodil bulbs planted in between the day lily.
My concern now is the variance in colour with the day lilies ..
Little Grapette is just that .. more of a purple tone colour.
Little Business is more of a true red .. so ?
Do you think this may look a little odd .. over all ?
The front bed is going to be under a major upheaval because I managed to .. well ... OK .. screw it up with lop sided plantings .. BIG sigh !
I have some great plants but their positioning is not so great.
During the winter I will be trying to plan, a better "plan" for them !
There are groups of 5 and 3 where space allows for the numbers ..
I really wanted this to look full and pretty .. but I always manage to second guess myself with a project.
Do you ?



Heather said...

Hey Joy... in nature there is no odd colour, it all blends together somehow... once they're up, then you'll know, it's too hard to tell until you see it in full bloom... but I love how you've got so many things in what appears to be a "little" space! Cheers!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I do lots of second guessing. I rarely adjust though. ha... which is why my garden is a little off kilter. Sort of like the gardener that tends it. :) I think this bed looks very nice,even through the glass.

Country Gal said...

I think it all looks lovely ! Your first photo if fine gives it some character with the refection of the window ! My gardens are just all dead and brown now looking sorry for them selves I say lol ! I say let nature take it's course it knows what to do ! Have a good day !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Heather girl : )
Yes I have crowded so much in little spaces it is a contest for the eyes to see all the plants ? LOL

Hello Lisa girl : )
I think we should have a club called "The Off Kilter Gardeners" ?? LOL
Thanks girl : )

Elaine thank you girl : )\Juts saw those pictures of Miggs sleeping on the swing .. too cute !!

RobinL said...

You mean you are supposed to keep track of your bulbs? I just plunk them in the ground, and hope for the best.