Monday, 12 November 2012

So Far ........ So Good !

It is a bit ridiculous thinking of Spring so intensely right now.
Especially since I have yet to FINISH the garden clean up (which was supposed to be today, but where the heck did this wild WIND come from?)
Immediately guilt sets in about brushing yesterday off .. which was perfect weather of course ..
I just thought I needed another day of rest and I grabbed it .. unthinking gardener that I am ..
I had reflections of Scarlet O'Hara 's .."Tomorrow is another day !"
But both of us didn't think the wind would be in HOWL mode today ?

So .. other than rambling about the lost chance of yesterday and the howling wind of today ...
Those BIG stars in the above picture, represent the plantings of my Ballerina tulips that I found much to my surprise at Loblaws (a Canadian super store .. mainly groceries and what nots)
I even had sneaky feelings of hunting for more since the weather is unusually warm ..
Everything is unusual lately. Well, longer than lately (thinking about the Mayans again .. shudder)
The huge relief factor to this tiny project ?
The fact that the "Squirrel Mafia" has NOT bothered them !!
Now either they are messing with me, and intend to grab my potential beauties at the last minute and laugh their tiny collective asses off at me.
Or they are too busy digging the rest of the neighborhood buffets up?
What ever the miracle is ?  I don't mind, because I can't wait to see how gorgeous my girls will be!!
May 2012 ... when the garden was "singing" ... HUGE  *SMILE*


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The lovely weather we have had over the last couple of days has been a bonus to a usually dull and dreary November. I'm sure you are looking forward to those lovely tulips next spring. I think the squirrels have been having a meeting in my garden. I'll send them back!!!

genie said...

What a great way to mark where you planted your bulbs. I need to do some of that. So clever. You can never get ready for spring too early. genie

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, did I ever send you that comic about the Mayan guy making his calender wheel, and running out of space abruptly on Dec 2012? And telling his buddy that someone is going to FREAK in the future.

I will have to look for it.

Hey anyways if it is true, and it's not, you won't be around to worry about it...

Those tulips are going to be so pretty, can't wait to see the photos...

Garden what garden, we got more snow again, what's up with that?


Rose said...

The wind is howling here, too, and I still have some garden clean-up to do, but I'm afraid I might get blown away if I tried it today. I often subscribe to Scarlett O'Hara's philosophy, too:) Looking forward to seeing those tulips in bloom next spring!

Patty said...

It is going to be a lovely spot next spring. I hope the squirrels never find your tulips -ever. I agree about the wind, I briefly thought about raking up some leaves.

Country Gal said...

I had a good giggle here , you sound like me with squirrels lol ! Papa and I finished our clean up yesterday as it was lovely out as for today YUKKY ! rain, wind and cold , wet flurries are in the forecast as well ! My Daffodils are confused and are popping up , I guess the warm spell made them think it was spring ! Oh well , I always say to Papa that nature will look after it's self , I am not going to fuss ! Have a good day !

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy that spring photo has made me realize how beautiful everything is that time of year. We had those wild winds yesterday as I plodded along cleaning up. I emptied all my containers to get ready for the holidays.


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, your garden is still looking wonderful!
I don't mean to laugh, but "squirrel mafia" got me! lol I was almost glad we got a huge pile of snow right after I planted my bulbs, hoping to keep those pesky rascals away.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl!
Don't you dare send non-neighborhood squirrels over here .. there will be gang wars galore!!
I have missed out on that wonderful weather .. still exhausted and trying to get normal .. crossed fingers about my tulips!

Hello Genie and thank you for stopping by! Yes sometimes the "Spring" gardener just squeezes through and has to be heard?LOL

Jen girl: )Our snow will come .. I hope .. not too much and not too little .. just enough ? Yes I think a few of those comic strip jokes about the Mayans have passed by me? LOL

Hello Rose girl!
Scarlet O'Hara knew a few things we can take out of her book! .. The wind yesterday was BAD .. even though no danger of me blowing away! hahaha .. I am looking forward to seeing how my bulbs work out : )

Hello Patty girl : )
Yes this year is like pulling teeth when it comes to the last clean up in the garden .. I am very glad we got the shed done but we really do have to finish this off or I will be in an angst mood all winter over it? LOL

Elaine girl you are right .. there is only so much we can do and then it is out of our hands .. so be it! My squirrel mafia is one of a kind and almost in disbelief that I don't "like" them ? LOL

Eileen girl (I did already buy my "greens" insert for my black urn .. now I just have to hang the huge Xmas wreath on the door and tidy the front steps up a bit .. and of course yes the rest of the garden clean up .. I think I went backwards here ? LOL

Ms S girl how are you !!
Yes I think you are very lucky to have that layer of snow down .. I am worried about confused bulbs too.
And ? with even a little snow .. that Squirrel Mafia can still induce havoc so I have an eye trained on them for a while yet!LOL