Thursday, 20 December 2012

2013 Peek at the Plant Lust List

I know ... I swear I should always wait until at  least mid January before I get plant crazy .. but it is bubbling over the top . So the logical way to handle this is to dip my toe in , throw a few of my cravings out and deal with it up front ... right ?

Here I go swearing again .. I have a load of hellebore ... enough that I should be satisfied for a while right?
How many do you have to have to feel secure and satisfied ? ... that number is a bit of a mystery to me.
So I will just say I would love to have :
Ballerina Ruffles ... who wouldn't ?
How gorgeous is this beauty ? .. and the promise of how pretty the flowers will stay for weeks and weeks.
Perfection ! Gracie if you are reading this .. this "PINK" is for YOU ! girl : )

Hosta seem to be finding their way to my garden more and more .
It is called fascination with the "lush factor" .. so selecting hosta that hold colour, and are slug resistant is paramont ... I do NOT want to deal with those slimy creatures ! ugh!
Prairie Sky ... in a gorgeous blue, also another "slugs are not welcomed" type of hosta.
It is said to be the bluest of the Hans Hansen creations .. for now ? did I mention I love BLUE !
Then there is Prairie Moon .. how can I have "sky" without "moon" ? ...
This beauty has a more elongated leaf and also a promise of holding that rich yellow all season.
Heucherella are never far from my radar .. a newer one called "Buttered Rum" has me ... I am a sucker for those colours ... warm "Autumny" colour .. I just can't help myself ?
Now how can you not love this ?
OK .. I just had to get some plant lusting off my chest ... I think I feel better now !


Patty said...

Hi Joy, they all look wonderful to me. I am working on my own list right now too - trees and shrubs for shade and tolerant to juglone. It is quite do-able but there is always a beauty out there that does not work within my parameters.

Nadezda said...

Joy, I agree. I think and plan the new things in my garden.
Heucherella and Heuchera are the plant those grow badly here, so I want they grow and grow and..
I decided to divide my Heuchera and plant it in different places.

Barry said...

Glad that someone beat me to the punch. I too find that there are an amazing number of new Helleborus selections hitting the market. Not familiar with this one, will have to check and see if my suppliers can hook me up with some. I am interested in a new collection named afer plantswoman Ellen Hornig - thus, the 'Ellen' collection. Some lovely doubles there as well.

Hosta always have a way of sneaking up and surprising us. Last two years it was Fire Island for me - so fabulously chartreuse with ruby petioles. I do like the two you list here, always room for more blues!

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons and the very best for 2013. It will definitely be your gardening year!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You may feel better but look what you have done to me. I wasn't even thinking about plants since the temps are plummeting today. Now I am getting itchy to see what else is available.

Nic said...

Double hellebores... Drool...

Lona said...

Let us face it we can never have too many flowers. LOL! I love that Hellebore too with its double blooms. The Heuchera is just so pretty. It would sure light up a shady spot. Have a wonderful Christmas.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Patty girl : )
I had to look up "juglone" and found out it is Black Walnut toxicity, it must be a real pain to have to out think this problem.
Yes .. I have had some flops that surprised me as well .. and then others that weren't supposed to come back the next year .. so gardening and plants can provide a lot of mysterious results ! LOL

Hello Nadezda and again thank you for so much interest in my Black Swallowtail experiment .. hope my information and pictures help: )
Dividing the heuchera that work for you is one of the best ways to get that look you are going for .. and keep trying a new one or two as well .. it might surprise you!

Hello Sweetie and thanks for dropping by : )
I will have to look into the "Ellen" collection as well!
I have a thing for doubles now .. more bang for your buck I think?
I was totally engulfed by Fire Island too last year, love that hit of red in the stems .. have two of them for now? and I find Little Miss Sunshine is eye candy as well!
Thank you so much Sweetie .. I hope you get everything you wish for in 2013 as well : )

Lisa girl : )you know I can't help myself and I just love dragging you into my lust list too girl! haha
We are driven to start thinking even in this wacky weather!

Hello there CG ! and yes .. double hellebore are my thing now .. how can anyone resist them I wonder ? LOL

Lona girl : ) I hope you have wonderful holidays and BEST WISHES for 2013 ... AND ... that all of us good little gardeners have a fantastic year in our gardens .. lighting up shady areas and having fun in the sunny ones! LOL

Marguerite said...

LOVE hellebores. Such gorgeous plants and such a treat first thing in the year seeing those blooms. This is the best time of year to sit with a hot cup of tea and peruse the garden catalogues.


Oooh girl, you had me with that hellebore! What's not to love about those PINK ruffles? :) Remember when hellebores were so rare? And now they're everywhere, in such luscious colors. Hail to the plant breeders!

And the hostas are amazing too. And the Heucherella.... Gimme gimme.

Yep. It's time to start the plant lusting.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Marguerite girl how true is that .. I get so excited seeing them first thing with Spring .. almost better than Christmas (or Halloween in my book ? LOL)

Gracie girl now isn't science and plant breeding a huge plus for us ? LOL .. I love wondering the net finding those luscious plants just as you have said girl : )