Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Experience ?

This morning is FRIGID .... temps range from -24 to -28 ... with wind chill factored in at -35.
Thankfully we have not much wind this morning ...
My worry and call for advice is about the heated birdbath .. it was intended more for a drinking water supply because we thought that was the more crucial need for the little creatures .. now a commentor has brought up a point that if a "bath" is taken the feathers might freeze.
This reminds me of the point people think that ducks and other water fowl get frozen on the water.
Does anyone have any experience to offer with this possible problem ?

Steam has been drifting from the birdbath

Freaking Frigid Factor


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wouldn't worry about birds and their feathers freezing. I doubt they will be bathing in this kind of weather. A sip of warm water might save a life. Brrrrrrrrrr it is cold up there. It is cold here too but I won't complain about our single digit numbers to you. :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Yep, COLD, COLD. COLD here too. We had planned to go out for breakfast, but decided against it. Are we turning into wimps?

That looks like the heated birdbath that our local bird store, A Place to Perch, is selling. I'll have to ask them about the birdy feathers freezing the next time I am there.

Country Gal said...

I have no idea about the heated bird baths sorry . I would just figure that after them being in it their legs and feet would freeze over as hot water freezes faster in cold air. . I am glad I am not way up in Timmons Ontario tonight is going down to -50°C WOW that's colder then cold ! Stay cozy and have a good day !

RURAL magazine said...

Hi Joy, it always seems that when we try to do good it backfires...

Here's a good link to the birdbath seems like you might want to cover up the depth a bit, so they can't bathe but can only drink.

Hope that helps.


Heather said...

Hello my dear Joy... this is a topic that I have often wondered about but have never done any research on because I think putting one out here would be fruitless.... but I have to say, I have wondered because basically up here we have no open water at this time of year (except possibly a small channel way/creek that is moving... but it is very well a possibility because as soon as the water gets on the bird and hits the cool air, it would be instant freezing... perhaps an internet search will help... sorry I couldn't be of more help my friend! Cheers~

Nadezda said...

I know that if the water is not frozen its temperature is 0C or +1C;
you're warming up water for the birds but they are not drinking in the cold. They need a warming food and they can drink snow. it melts in their mouth

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl
Yesterday or the day before was just so cold .. we forgot how cold we get with the past winters being weird and far from typical .. but on with the water supply in any case! LOL

Hello Linda : )Nah !! we aren't wimps we just have to get back into our true Canadian mode .. it actually hurts me to go in and out of those temps so I avoid it too!
So far the birds are not"perching" by the water yet.

Elaine girl hello there !
Holy moses eh ? I pity any living thing on the outside in Timmons .. that is COLD !

Hi there Jen girl .. I have to go to that link yet .. but it makes sense .. John will put a large rock in the middle to keep them from taking a dive .. maybe a heated rock might be soothing .. spa like? LOL

Heather girl hello there and thanks for dropping by .. I think the large rock in the middle might just be the perfect thing to do .. so we are going for that option .. keep snuggled up with the girls !

Hello Nadezda girl : )
Yes ! I read that they melt snow to drink but that it uses a lot of energy they need and lowers their body temp .. so that is hard on them as well. But we will figure this thing out and try to help them!

Tootsie said...

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Tootsie .. I sent an e-mail to you !