Friday, 25 January 2013

New Brunnera ! Sea Heart & Silver Heart

Some how while I was "sleeping" a couple of new brunnera have been bred and I am thinking wow !
Finally breeders are really working on what is "climate change" for us northern gardeners and what plants in our gardens have to put up with.
Shade gardens are becoming more popular due to the simple fact (in my eyes) that the sun is just too darn hot to stand under for very long .. that isn't to say we don't have plants in the sun .. everyone needs a little of that.
But ... the shade is far more comfortable and it is becoming prettier every year with new plants that can also take more sun .. either way they are happy .. and that is what a gardener wants .. happy plants !

Sea Heart 
I know .. it looks like Jack Frost but click on the name and you can read that it is much thicker and stands up to heat/humidity better ..... and ? ... two toned flowers ? wow ! how gorgeous can that be ?

Silver Heart
Yes it may look a little like Looking Glass (one cultivar I didn't really take to .. ergo not in my garden) but this one has more veining, which I find attractive, and the leaves won't be "sad" in summer heat .. plus ?
Deep blue flowers which we all love right ?

I don't know when these will become available in our market but I will be keeping an eye out .. I would love to test them in my gardens and see if they live up to their descriptions.
If any blogger finds them and has them will you please let me know what you think of them ?


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

That is a lovely plant, Joy! It would be nice if it makes its way over here. Hope you are keeping well!

RURAL magazine said...

They are very beautiful....and I am embarrased to say that I haven't even got one in my garden.

I think the weevils would have a field day with them.


Lona said...

Oh boy! Girl I love Brunnera too and those are lovely. I love the heart shaped leaves on Sea Heart and the silver leaves on Silver Heart. It will lighten up a shady corner. I think you need both. LOL!

Lea said...

Those are really beautiful!
The silvery leaves will bring light even to dark deep shade.
Have a wonderful week-end!
Lea's Menagerie

Country Gal said...

Oh these plants sound and look wonderful , I will have to look out for them down here . Thanks for the info . Have a good day and stay cozy it is snowing like crazy here !

Carrie said...

hehehe, you are insatiable! they are gorgeous though I hope you get them xxxxx

Heather said...

Absolutely stunning plants... wonder if they'd do well up here?? Cheers~

Nadezda said...

You found very attractive plants!I love Brunnera and the first one is wonderful, I think.
I can imagine your shade garden with brunnera's ornamental leaves---nice!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martha girl!
They are beauties aren't they ? .. you know I would share them if I had them girl : )
I sent an e-mail over to you last night!

Jen girl these new ones might just stand up to your weevils .. the trouble is waiting for these new cultivars to reach us some year?

Lona girl WE need both of them don't we!! I have no idea when they will reach our market but I bet they will come sooner to you !

Hello Lea girl and YES ! they will look wonderful in the shade garden .. Jack Frost on steroids ? LOL

Elaine Toronto had some wicked weather yesterday .. pile ups on the 401 were awful .. we only had a little snow phew!

Carrie girl .. I love what you guys are doing with your garden shed!!
Yup .. gotta' have more plants;-)

Heather girl I am sure they would do super up by you it just takes so long for Canadian providers to get new ones like these to us gardeners darn it all !

Hello Nadezda girl and I would love to have these in my garden .. I do have a few already but not these exact ones. I'm sure they would be wonderful ni your garden too : )

Cat said...

Hey there, did you get my message?

Unknown said...

They are both lovely, Joy. Do you have the golden form, 'Diane's Gold'? I had it for several years and I believe it's one of the plants that I dug and moved here and is buried under the snow in the holding bed. I'm a great fan of brunnera, which like pulmonaria doesn't have to be blooming to look fantastic.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat i sent an e-mail on the hit "return" button to yur message .. did you get it ?

Jodi girl how are you ? .. Yes ! brunnera are more about the foliage , even though I love those gorgeous blue, white and now mixed flowers of the new cultivars : )
Also a YES to pulmonaria .. I only have two that I like Moonshine and Majeste .. Moonshine has been amazing in the back garden .. I am not sure if Majeste has pulled through in the front .. I will be hunting it down there though and moving it so I can see it more often in the back!

copperbeech said...

I see "Silver Heart" in on-line Canadian plant catalogues this January. I plan on putting a couple in a new shade garden we have created on our property.