Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Peek-A-Boo Plants

Well ... one of my credos I keep forgetting is "If you see something special and you can squeeze your money out for it ... buy the darn thing !!" ... lesson was impressed on me yet again when fate tweaked my garden nose HARD!
I was strolling Home Depot and saw hellebore "Brandywine Series" at a very reasonable price and good healthy plants .. but I could not remember what the flowers looked like .. so I thought .. when I get home, I will check .. meanwhile I found a sweet little white campanula and "Miracle" heuchera .. small but healthy and  cheap!
I looked up the hellebore, and said tomorrow I will grab one because they are NICE!
Yesterday ? ....................................... not one left.
Meanwhile back at the farm ... I have a few plants peeking out more and more !

A rain day is helping it all along since I worked so hard Sunday with moving plants around in the front bed .. doing the compost thing and adding a low count general fertilizer .. so rain is a GOOD thing and I need to go back to bed as it is .. my son is sharing his cold with me ... sniff sniff !


outlawgardener said...

Get well soon! Spring is such an exciting time for gardeners & I hope your cold is short lived so that you can fully enjoy the magic of the season!

RURAL magazine said...

Wow, Joy how could you miss out on a great plant like that...just teasing.

I know that feeling, I guess it's there to teach us grab it and go baby.


Skeeter said...

Well, your son is a toot for passing along his cold to you. But then again, I bet you taught him to share! Your hellebores look so happy. Happy Spring...

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! Isn't that always the way pass it by then go back to get it and there isn't any left , Bummer ! Oh I hope you feel better soon ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

CiNdEe said...

I really hate when that happens. I do that all the time it seems. I am always thinking I will go back...then it is gone)-:
I hope your cold goes away fast. I hate being sick especially when there are things to do(-: No rain here lately. We could really use a lot.

Heather said...

What rotten luck, both for the plant and the cold!... but your flowers look beautiful! Cheers~

Carolyn ♥ said...

Looks like Spring is springing for you Joy. Such an exciting time of year to witness the rebirth of our gardens.

Nadezda said...

Joy, great photos. I love your hellebore, especially 'Niger'
Happy gardening!

Marguerite said...

that is. the. worst. I know we're not supposed to buy plants without knowing something about them but sometimes you just gotta grab it.

meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, hope you'll be well soon!
Our May Day was very nice with a walk through the wonderful green park and a visit in an ice cream shop ;-) sunshine and nearly no wind!! Gorgeous!

Take care girl

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello again Outlaw : )
Thank you so much .. it seems to want to drag on a bit .. but our weather is beautiful right now and I have a gazillion things to do in the garden .. it is magical to me too : )

Jen girl how are you !
I am forever thinking of that damn plant now .. argghhh !!! haha

Skeeter girl I loved that botanical tour you and the Saint did .. wonderful pictures too!
We are all TOOTS here girl ;-)LOL

Hello Elaine : )Thank you ! .. yes I should have remembered the golden rule of when you see it grab it!!

Cindee girl hello there I hope you are feeling better .. I am so sorry about the owls .. that is sad .. but part of nature. We both need a few days of rain eh ? fingers crossed.

Heather thank you .. yup, it isn't a terrible cold but it likes to hang on and on .. yuck! and so much to do ?EEKK!

Carolyn girl hello there .. those roses are so beautiful and you bought 16 of them .. it is going to look stunning what ever your plan is .. I can't wait to see pictures!! YES .. my babies are coming alive finally : )

Nadezda girl thank you so much : ) Yes I have to say I have a fondness for Niger .. it is a pretty one : )

Marguerite girl I have learned my lesson after dropping that HUGE ball .. it will remind me forever .. drats !! haha .. onward and upward in the garden !

Meggie girl I am so glad you had a wonderful May Day walking through the park .. the weather has been amazing here too .. but we need rain now .. aren't I always so demanding ? LOL
Hope you are having fun in the garden !!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, I love the lacy look of the emerging plants. And, of course, your hellebores are gorgeous! I am hoping to try 'Ivory Prince' this year as some local gardeners have reported success with it.
Love that the gardening season is finally waking up! lol

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, my garden is not much ahead of yours, so cold this spring. Don't you just love that Goldheart Bleeding Heart? It is like a beacon in the garden.


Rose said...

I've had this same experience all too often too; it does pay to buy something when you see it! Good to see all your peekaboo plants emerging, and your header is spectacular, Joy! Hope you're feeling better soon.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen and Rose girls !
I am sorry I have been so busy with us getting our son on the road to South Carolina .. I have lost track of my blog and comments .. I hope to catch up soon !