Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sweet Treats

I'm sitting here in a complete change of weather from what we have had a few days ago .. so warm that I turned on the AC .. but now it is so windy .. loads of rain which is a good thing since the garden really needed that boost so I am not complaining .. just the wind is a pain .. unnerves the girls and I a bit.
Not enough for me to not go out and plant a few little garden babies that had to be planted or the damp would turn them moldy ... ugh !
Things have been so busy here that I have neglected my Eden .. and my blog .. but I am trying to get back up to speed again .. and later this month the mail orders will be coming so I want to make sure I do a proper evaluation of them too !
As for now just a few pictures of earlier on .. to remind me that these plants have actually jumped forward a LOT and I have not caught up with them in actual real time as in now ! eeekkkk !

This little one is my "sweet treat" in the hellebore bed .. you have to smile when you see it : )

I love Labrador Violets .. I know they are common .. but they still amaze me where they can survive and make their little space so pretty.

My variegated Jacob's Ladder (Stairway to Heaven .. I think) surrounded by Gold Creeping Jenny , Valerie Finnis artemisia , some Hens'n Chicks ..
Well my plants keep good company with each other .. don't want them to be lonely !

Corylus avellana "Red Majestic" .. of Harry Lauder's Walking Stick .. slowly but surely leafing out in that rich dark purple , twisted with magic !

Black Lace Sambucus is holding up it's part of the darker side too ... I stopped moving it around and it has finally settled in and smiling.

Speaking of settling in .. I am so happy to see my Golden Spirit smoke bush (mini tree that I have trained) .. leafing out itself and settling in.
I am still pulling out the naughty Stag Horn Sumac kids .. and sadly I lost King's Ransom and Silver Lining brunnera from the tree stumper having to chew up the old trunk .. plus any hope of the Indian Pinks coming back .. but that is what happens with gardening .. some you lose and you get over it ... by finding new babies to fuss over.

Over all the gardens are in good shape .. but now I have to hunt down a reasonable landscaping company to do my paths from front to back gardens .. and a focal point between both benches in the back .. I am hoping for a small non running (can't take the thought of running electrical wires around? ) water feature for the birds to enjoy .. and I so wish a frog or toad would show up ?


Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ,everything looks great there ! The weather has turned windy and darn cold here today but it is to warm up again by middle of the week ! Strange weather this year ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

So many beautiful awakenings in the garden, Joy! I spent many hours this week topping up the flower beds with fresh soil. I'm not finished yet, but I really got a lot of work done. I packed on the suntan lotion and wore a hat, so I wouldn't burn. Instead, I got a nice healthy glow that helped get rid of that sickly white winter paleness us northerners seem to sport for most of the year. It's been a fabulous week. This year (hopefully the weather cooperates), I plan to get a lot of work done in the garden. I've no doubt you have your list of jobs to be done, too. Did number one son's move happen yet?

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

P.S - I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

RobinL said...

I'm so glad to see spring waking up there in the north! You'll love your smoke tree. I've never had good luck with Jacob's Ladder, they never come back. Maybe they like your snow cover better!

CiNdEe said...

Happy Mothers Day(-:
The garden is looking good there(-:
Sorry for your plant losses. I know that is hard. I got some cute things for Mothers Day I need to take pictures and post tomorrow.(-:

meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, so nice photos!
Dear, we have Ice Saints! That's why it's so cold! But there's no frost at night! Thanks god
Hope, you had a nice mothersday!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl !
Thank you .. but even now the plants are way past these pictures in growth .. the cool rainy weather forced them forward like crazy .. it is so windy today I am going to do indoor things and plan garden missions ? LOL

Martha girl ...Thank you !!
I am writing you an e-mail !!

Robin girl I LOVE your gardens .. your plants are totally gorgeous .. you take beautiful pictures girl: )
I have had Royal Purple for ages .. added Golden Spirit a few years ago .. thinking that the switch with the Stag Horn Sumac would happen like this .. I love smoke bush!!
My jacob;s Ladder is a few years old so yes I think that is the problem .. snow cover saves it.

Cindee girl : ) those wild lupins are so pretty ! You had just the right weather to set them off like that .. beautiful !!

Meggie girl ... your weather and ours is so alike .. a sudden short Spring and straight on to summer .. soon ? ugh! heat and humidity really slay me .. but I keep at it for the sake of my garden ? LOL

Nadezda said...

Joy, girl!
I'm glad you're back on your blog.
I love the last photo, nice garden and a lot of tulips!

Patty said...

You gardening is already looking so nice. I like the bed with the tulips. It's cool and windy here too but I managed to get some soil down in a new bed.

Marguerite said...

Spring is just so darn busy isn't it? the weather is warming so quickly here and I'm behind behind behind in my chores. I too love those little violets. Every year I buy some at the local plant sale and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy as they're so common but I love them just the same.

Cat said...


I've been such a slacker, the yard is exploding anyway. It was 95 here today, but it snowed at my dads place in PA.

Jennifer said...

There is so much to do at this time of year isn't there? I have so many weeds to pull you would not believe it! Your garden is looking great again this spring Joy. Glad that the smoke bush is settling in. Good luck with finding someone to do the new paths etc.
P.S. Be sure and pop around and enter the Loblaw giveaway.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl and thank you so much : ) It was just too crazy here with son's move to keep up with everything .. but now I hope I can?LOL

Thank you Patty girl : ) yes I have tried to get some things done too even in this cooler weather , actually better for me . I hate the heat and humidity I know is coming for us! eeekkk! LOL

Marguerite girl I am so happy to hear from some one else that loves these little beauties .. just from maybe two violets I bought years ago I have them popping up in the strangest places and loving them: )
Yes .. busy is the word for sure!

Cat girl you are no slacker .. I saw the jam you made and it looks so darn good ! .. your garden is BIG and complex with so much growing .. now that is real work to look after !

Jennifer girl thank you ! and thank you for the heads up on the Loblaws thing .. I was amazed at you being so calm in a room full of FREE plants!! LOL
Yes .. I will need luck to find a good company that can do what I want and not give me a heart attack with the cost ? LOL


Looks wonderful, Joy. I think your garden is waking up despite the windy weather. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for your white rose.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie girl ! ... I see some leafing out at the base of the rose so I am thinking YES !!!! it is alive !!!
Your crossed fingers worked for me girl .. thanks !!