Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Where do I begin ?

I have fallen behind in posts .. just too busy or too tired .. but now the garden has SPRUNG up so much it is a race to try and match pictures to progress .. I have to start a little backwards ?
A new lavender to me is Blue Cushion .. in fact I ordered it through mail order because I was so curious about it .. go figure I found it at the Loblaws garden center .. this was a few days ago and it has flower buds growing like mad!

A nepeta called "Blue Cloud" .. I must be in my blue stage ? caught my curiosity.

A very sad looking and homely plant picture is one that has me happy .. Maiden Hair fern was a problem for me .. I didn't seem to have the knack to keep it going through a winter but this time it has come back and I am one happy fern person !
How cute are these little fiddle heads ?

Party hats on tiarella ?

Heuchera and astilbe "chatting" together ?

Solomon's Seal earrings ?

Bleeding Heart jewelry in gold and pink ?

 An over view of a little section on the back garden ... which has leaped forward so much more by now !

Soon the mail order plants will arrive and you will hear me groaning about what the heck did I do over this winter to order so many plants ... never again !! eeekkkk !!
Stay tuned for those evaluations ... you might just find them interesting ?


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Wow, Joy, your garden is bursting with colour!! Always a treat to see your tapestry of foliage and texture--you are the queen of weaving a beautiful mosaic together. If I am ever in Ontario for a trip I may just have to drop by...!! :)

Country Gal said...

Everything looks great there ! I love your garden photo ! Papa and I spent all Sat & Sun planting flowers in our gardens and planters and now we are enjoying all our hard work ! I love gardening I find it relaxing funnily enough even though I find muscles I didn't know I had or that have gone to mush over the winters lol ! Thanks for sharing ! Windy and humid here today rain on the way hopefully ! Have a good day !

RURAL said...

Joy, i love the plants that you have in your beautiful and lush. And yes, where are you going to put the new

I'm sure you will find a place.
The babies you sent me are all in the ground and not a minute too soon, it's starting to rain. They are all tucked away safely, and well watered, can't wait to see them flourish as well as yours do.

What type of fern is that on your header? It's beautiful.


outlawgardener said...

Your garden is looking fabulous! Everyone's wearing jewelry this spring (well maybe not quite yet.) Such a gorgeous and exciting time to be outside and see the gardens progress! Happy planting!

Barry said...

Its like we went to bed and awoke to a garden that had suddenly sprung into hyper growth mode. Everything in your garden looks like it is happy and ready for a new season under your guidance! The maidenhair fern can be somewhat temperamental, but once it gets settled in, it will reward you year after year! I will try and get an email your way in the next week! I am so thrilled that the long weekend is over!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ms S !
I loved your muscari pictures and they are so darn cute you want to hug them all! LOL
I would love for you to see my garden in person .. as I would yours .. but at least we have our blogs to see pictures of ? phew!

Elaine girl .. that header picture of yours is so bright and beautiful!
Yes .. gardening makes you concentrate on one thing only .. gardening! so it is a stress buster for sure .. and those muscles .. OMG! so true ! haha

Jen girl, I still can't believe the babies got there so quickly .. I am so glad : )
The header picture is of my Christmas fern .. one of my favorites .. heck they are all my favorites ? haha

Outlaw hello there : )
Thank you so much ! .. I don't follow the rules about the colour pallet or design .. I plant what I like where I like and banish standards?LOL
I still have to lay down more compost and finally mulch .. but more plants are arriving so I will hold off until I get those in .. yes a very exciting time filling the garden : )

Hello sweetie !
YES !! today it is even wackier .. so much growth has leapt forward it is scary .. and more rain with cool temps will make it even more crazy.
Yes I am totally thrilled to finally get that fern through a winter (third time is the charm ? LOL) .. hey I know you are too busy to believe .. no worries with e-mail : )

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful(-: I love the little lavender. I may have to look for one here(-:

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, your garden looks wonderful, so lush! We have many of the same plants so I understand when you say it's hard to keep up with the blooming.


RobinL said...

Oh yes, it's a gardener's favorite time of year! So much to do, so little time. And new blooms every day. Isn't it wonderful?

Lona said...

Your garden is coming along so well Joy. I will be curious to see how your lavender holds up this winter. All of mine seem to die out so I am looking for a hardier one.
My blog address has changed to:

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy!
I see you did a lot of work in your garden, it looks wonderful! I love this curved path between colorful plant:green, purple and yellow, great!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl .. I am hoping for this lavender to excel with what I read about it .. yet I am so happy my other lavenders are coming back well too .. phew !

Eileen we have had so many rain days , it is a jungle out there .. the vines need to be gotten under control, plants need to be tamed .. it is going to be a long garden day once I can get out there again!LOL

Hello Robin girl .. I wish I could stagger this a little better though .. too many days I couldn't get out and do things and now? it is utter havoc! LOL

Lona girl thanks for letting me know about the address change!
My Provence lavender is coming back along with a couple of others I thought might not .. so it took patience .. perhaps this Blue Cushion one is the one for you though ?

Hello Nadezda girl: ) .. actually I have so much more work to do in the garden it is overwhelming .. but once I get going ? things get DONE! Thanks!