Monday, 24 June 2013

Chores Achieved Saturday & Please turn the rain off now ?

Saturday I knew I had quite a lot to get done in the back garden (not that the front garden didn't have work to finish? .. but I roll out at 7:30 with a bandanna on my head and a no make-up face of determination that even scares Mr. Chips our chipmunk .. so staying in the back garden is a "good thing" for everyone?
First some planting of on the spur of the moment annual geraniums I am using as filler plants in the bulb circle.
Small but full of promise type annuals IF the sun comes out to play?
 Lamium in a lot of varieties .. Orchid Frost, Pink Pewter, Purple Dragon etc .. creep along trying to hide dead foliage .. Provence lavender trying to recover from this past quirky winter .. perennial geraniums and few clematis and now some light coloured annual geraniums in pink and salmon, will hopefully fill in?

Potting up ! .. I had to lift the Kent Beauty Oregano and pot them for the cascade affect that you see in pictures on the net .. it shows the plant off much better .. plus I had some extra rosemary to pot (love my Sunday roasted chicken with fresh rosemary and lemons!)
All of these pictures are taken after rainfall so the plants are WET and don't show off as nicely as they should!

A couple more terra cotta pots for left over geraniums and Baby Blue spruce which I am trying to large scale bonsai as I have with my Austrian pine for over 13 years aka "Charlie Brown Tree"
Supports were needed for my big goatsbeard.
Nanho Blue butterfly bush  .. just a little helping hand.
A little bit for my regular Joe Pye weed .. I have Little Joe who usually can stand up better than his big brother .. phew!
Actaea Racemosa aka "bugbane" and Herbstonne rudbeckia give each other a helping hand in stand up straight .. you have to love that right?

I captured some of my Blue False Indigo volunteer seedlings finally and planted a good chuck ,, fingers cross they will grow up as beautiful as their mother plant!

It was time for the poppies to come down and for some on the run thinking of transplanting some of my Petite Delight Bee Balm to cover the bare patches .. so there are some of my chores off the list.
Now what about some sun shine ? .. all week we have rain forecasted .. not really good for herbs, roses .. well you know what I mean .. things are going to get squishy and not so nice!


Balisha said...

Your garden looks so pretty.. even wet. We are getting that same rain...41/2 inches over the weekend. Your picture of the lamium and geraniums will look so different at the end of the growing season. You'll have to show it again when it gets full and lush. I have lots of favorite filler.
Have a great day,

Rose said...

Darn it! I remember seeing the Kent Beauty Oregano on one of your posts last year, Joy, and thinking I really wanted some of this, but of course I forgot. Let's see if I can put that in my notes and remember it next year:) Looks like you've got a lot accomplished this weekend; love that goatsbeard! Some of my poor plants could use a helping hand, too, but I've ignored their pleas for help while I focus on weeds.

Hope you have some sunshine this week!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, your Kent Oregano is a stunner. Certainly worthy of being potted us to show off its cascades. :) Way too much rain here too, roses are getting soggy. Only a few more days and then we are supposed to get sunshine! (fingers crossed) :)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Your garden looks spectacular, Joy! I love it. I've been working as hard as you out there, and I'm so glad I've taken the time to do so because everything is looking so clean and lovely. All that hard working is paying off. I'd also like the rain to stop. I think we've had quite enough now, and some of my plants think so, too. There is still a lot of work to be done and if the weather cooperates, I can get out there!

Nadezda said...

Joy, yes, rain isn't good for plants. I love your photo of Blue spruce, pots and stony path. Nice!

Patty said...

Hi Joy
I am sitting here waiting for the rain to arrive. I am jealous your baptisia makes babies, mine does not. Do you have more than one? Bugbane and coneflower together - interesting idea. I may even have the same coneflower as you. Keep dry.

Christine said...

Your garden flowers, shrubs and vines are just beautiful, Joy. I love them all! And about that rain... we just got hit with a very un-seasonal rain spell that is threatening to last another few days before moving along. My tomatoes are definitely not happy!

RobinL said...

You have such a knack for combining foliage in a pleasing way!

Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

The garden's looking wonderful Joy, so many beautiful plants.

I've had to stake lots of mine too, especially top heavy paeonies. Like you say, it's always nice when one plant lends support to another.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Balisha : )
Thank you so much!Yes I love lamium too and all the pink varieties are so pretty .. I can't wait for it to fill in and look great!!

Rose girl hello there !
Yes I did a post on it Rose but I didn't have it then .. I could only find it from an on line herb company .. it is hard to get! .. more rain has the goatsbeard looking a little weary .. hoping for some gentle? sun soon!

Ms S girl hello: )
The rain has been good for so many plants but not the sun lovers sadly .. they are getting fed up aren't they ? LOL fingers crossed for some sun soon!

Martha girl : ) too funny seeing you at Loblaws !!Thank you so much!
We are working like crazy aren't we and still looking at plants to bring home!! LOL

Thank you so much Nadezda .. we need some sun soon .. hopefully tomorrow , with lots of work to do of course though .. BIG sigh!

Patty girl hello there !
I just had the one beautiful baptisia .. the standard .. Blue False Indigo .. I had to take it out to move my serviceberry tree in it's spot .. but babies keep popping up and I have been trying to save them .. fingers crossed they will grow like their mom: )

Christine girl (thank you !) we all seem to be having too much rain aren't we ? ... usually it is the other way round .. we complain about not enough ?

Robin girl thank you so much : )
I need to rearrange the front garden though .. I have made quite a few "oops!" there ! haha

Thank you so much Paula : ) .. yes there are a few leaners ? that need some support .. but when I can use another plant it works out so much better!