Thursday, 20 June 2013

Do you "green" up your ally way ?

OK .. play on words here.
I was just wondering .. am I only only "nut" that asks their neighbor if she can plant on said neighbor's part of the property line ? .. is that extreme ? or do you think I am doing the right thing ?
It is mostly green .. the day lilies will eventually bloom and the gooseneck loostrife  will have adorable white goose necks .. the hosta just might bloom as well.
Although I have to admit .. I just like the foliage showing.

Hosta "Guacamole" is big and beautiful .. August Moon and Halcyon hold their own with it ... and Big Daddy does a great job too .. especially since I had to uproot it and move it down the line a bit .. he didn't complain at all !

I have done my best to "green" up this area and have it look pretty .. I have been very lucky so far not to have a slug problem too .. fingers crossed they hate my mulch forever !!
So ? ... anyone out there as nutty as I am ?


Leslie's Garden said...

Oh Joy! You must have boundless energy! Do you take a chair to the alley to enjoy the serene scene there? I would have to do that! I have to laugh at the little variegated vining plant on the left...I unfortunately received a big handful of it from a lady on a garden tour. Boy am I sorry now! It has completely taken over half of my property. I tried to get rid of it but made the mistake of throwing it in the woods, where it is now happily taking over there too:) No matter how hard I try, I can't get rid of it. It always returns. I've noticed it in northern gardens and apparently it doesn't run amuck up there!

Unknown said...

You are not a nut at all. My parents have a big window that faces their neighbour's wall and I am going to check with that neighbor if they mind me gardening at the base of their wall to improve my parents' view.

My property, your is all about the view.

Country Gal said...

Nope cant say I am as we haven't got any neighbors that close to us lol one side of us is my in laws and our properties are separated by cedars and the other side of us is a field so we are good here ! But if your neighbor doesn't mind go for it ! Nice photos , all looks lovely ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

kacky said...

I am sure your neighbor was thrilled- it looks beautiful!

RobinL said...

Not *quite* that nutty, but close. Had extra hostas, asked the young lady behind us if she wanted some more and that I would even plant them for her. So now they grow on the side of her house that she can't even see, and yet faces my house. It's almost like still having them in my garden, plus covers up the messy look she has going over there out of her sight.

VW said...

Nutty? Umm, yes. I asked my neighbor if I could just take care of his half of a flower bed between our front yards. And I do. It looks much better this way :-) Love your shade combos! Good job, gardener.

Balisha said...

In the house where I used to live, there was a "green" alley, used only by utility companies when there was a problem. All down our block, people planted their gardens with flowers...sometimes over their property pretty up the alley. There were lots of walkers using this we wanted it to be pretty for people to enjoy.
I had my hosta garden back there. All kinds of baby hostas...just waiting to grow up and be planted elsewhere.
Your plantings are so pretty.I had some gooseneck loosestrife back there too...I have looked for it here, but have had no luck.


Christine said...

You are sooooo NOT nutty, Joy! I think your alley way is a stunning study in greens. And all the plants and vines look so healthy and happy. It's perfection!!

Barry said...

Joy Dearheart.... at least you asked said neighbor before you embarked upon your greening mission....... I saw a blank canvas and took it! The current owner is selling yet again but we have an agreement in their agreement of sale that I must be given 30 days notice [summer] or be allowed same time in Spring when I am able to dig. For me it wasn't about beautification as much as it was that I needed room to house my hoarding tendencies! I know you can relate! Nutbar, get thee behind me!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Leslie girl !
I really don't have spare energy at all sadly : ( but I just couldn't help myself with this ally way.
Yes .. I do know about that weed like vine and I don't mind keeping it in check .. plus the aroma of it when I yank it out of places I don't want it is simple fantastic to me : )
Maybe being this far north it keeps it from becoming a monster ? LOL

Hello Derek and thank you for stopping by !
So true ! it is all about the view .. I don't get to see this one much unless I am working on it or look through the dining room drapes but I love how it looks and I admire your drive to make your parent's view much nicer !

Elaine girl .. you are VERY lucky not to have neighbors right up against you .. I am jealous!!
But in the mean time I am greening up as much as I can so it will be nice ..

Kacky hello there ! Thank you so much .. I'm not sure what she is .. we have lived here over 14 years and she still doesn't know my first name but she knows my husband's ??

Hello Robin girl Yes .. close to nutty for sure! haha
That is great you are doing gorilla gardening girl .. she will never quite catch on that it is really for your benefit at the end of the day!! LOL

VW girl hello there ..
Thank you very much : )and glad to hear another nutty gardener has done the let me take care of that for you work ? haha

Balsiha .. I so enjoyed your story about Elizabeth .. and this story of the gardeners doing this job . that was wonderful .. I wonder if they kept it up after you moved?
Gooseneck seems to scare people off but I don't have a problem with it .. so thank you girl : )

Christine girl hello there : )
Thank you so much .. but I think all of us gardeners are a bit nutty in some way right .. we just can't help ourselves when it comes to gardening ? LOL

Sweetie ... I had to ask .. as I said, she knows John's name but still doesn't know mine ? hum ????
YES .. I so know you NEED more space .. I say go for it right ? LOL
I hope everything remains smooth with the new neighbors and you have all your garden kids to your own rights !! Loved that tour BTW !!

Jennifer said...

I've done the same thing and added plants to the far side of my driveway which is actually my neighbour's yard. It is a very narrow strip of land and she never sees it much. In fact she has to walk on our property (the driveway) to get to it. My planting is a bit wilder looking than yours though. I love the entrance gate. So pretty!