Monday, 17 June 2013

Kent Beauty and Blue Cloud

Two new perennials for me this year are Kent Beauty oregano (zone here is a little "iffy" for winter survival) and a dwarf calamint "Blue Cloud".

Kent Beauty is actually planted in the garden at the moment.
I am thinking it needs to be in a pot for the cascading affect to take place.
It will look exceptionally pretty that way
So, note to self "plant in a container SOON!"
These two pictures that are taken with two different cameras, with different lighting conditions.
Either way this plant is gorgeous to me !

This calamint, from name "Blue Cloud", to description, intrigued me.
A mini plant with such flowering power and hardiness.
A stark opposite of what I think of when picturing most of these types of plants.
I have a few Walker's Low which can be huge ... such a total opposite to this one.
The lighting was not at its best for pictures but you will see what I mean about the two contrasts.

 Tiny flowers on  very "airy" ? stems.
You can see how small and dainty it is in reality with these other plants.
Now the huge cousin ?
Quite a difference right ? ... but both have their places in anyone's garden.
They benefit from being cut back (in proportion to their sizes) after their first big bloom, so they can bloom again during the season.

Today's thought ? ... a gift my son gave me a few years ago for Mother's Day : )
What it says strikes home for all of us .. whether in a too cute to believe form or not ? wink wink

Finally .... a little "gem" I stumbled on at a garden center ... I couldn't resist it .. BIG sigh !
Butterfly watering station !


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, your garden is looking great, love the little touches of decor. I have not seen that new nepeta here but have grown the Kent Oregano, lovely.


CiNdEe said...

Love all your pretties(-: I have a sunflower watering dish like that except no butterfly on it. I got mine at Lowes.(-: I love sunflowers.
Thanks for all your kind words. I am doing o.k. trying to stay busy and not dwell. It is so difficult though. I miss my Dad all the time. I know it will get better someday.(-:

Nadezda said...

Joy, butterfly watering station - is a nice idea in your garden!
I love your new "Blue Cloud", it seems has many little stars at the end of each branch.

Jennifer said...

Isn't that a pretty birdbath! I am not familiar with the oregano at all and it is always interesting to discover something new. I have both the calamint and the Walker's Low. Love them both.

Barbarapc said...

So nice to see your new additions. Like all the blue and yellow together. Amazing the difference between the two shots - and I agree, either way, it's a lovely plant.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : )
This little nepeta is really sweet Eileen .. the flowers are like tiny stars on it's arms. I just potted the Kent Beauty this morning to get that cascade affect it will have as it grows larger .. can't wait to see it!

Cindee girl : ) I have been thinking of you a lot. Thanks you so much fro dropping by Yes sunflowers are so cheery aren't they ? I know it seems it will never get better ... and I know people say it will all the time. But you need to feel what you feel .. it is how and when you feel what ever it should be on your own time.
Just be kind to yourself girl .. your dad would want the same for you.

Hello Nadezda girl!
You are so right about how Blue cloud looks : ) it is a sweet little plant .. and I do love my little butterfly watering station even though we have not seen any butterflies yet ? LOL

Jennifer girl hello there : )
I love that little "bath" thankfully the birds like our solar fountain better and stick to that so far.
I didn't know about this oregano until a friend of mine spoke of how gorgeous it is and it is !!
Yes .. I do have a soft spot for nepeta : )

Barb ! hello there .. I can never get on your blog the right way to leave a comment girl!!!
Thank you .. this bed is a bit of a thrown together bed ? LOL
But now I have potted the oregano hoping it will be happy and "cascade" for me as it grows .. hope for great pictures of it as it does !