Saturday, 15 June 2013

Shadow Shot Time

Here it is shadow shot time and it seem only yesterday I posted for this meme !
This seems almost like a black and white shot but it isn't .. the sun washed all the colour out and "edited" it as if it were ?
Two "trees" stand here with their partner shadows.
Be sure to click on the icon to see many other shadows from all over the world taken by shadow shooters that hunt the shadows.


Unknown said...

I love your shadow shot for the day!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Ralph said...

Nature is such a tricky character - the B&W effect is what we see...but not what exists! The shadow in any hue is full and lovely!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Like a burst of shadow on a partial frame! Delightful and fascinating!

robin. said...

who knew the sun would do it's own editing!! Great shot. Hope all is well. (you do know that my header is tell your story not cell your story right??) Happy Weekend!!!!!

Leslie's Garden said...

It really does look black and white! I had that happen on some lake shots I took last year. It was foggy and most of the landscape seemed black and white. Pretty shadow shot!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sylvia girl!
Thank you very much and I hope your weekend was a nice relaxing one!

Dear Ralph
Thank you ! .. I am still giggling over that expression on your face in the photos for Father's Day!

Gemma I loved your Autumn picture : )
That is a great way to describe some shadows .. how they burst into the frame of the photo, thanks!

Robin girl ..the sun can pull some tricks we never knew it could?LOL
Yes I got the "tell" part but the "cell" part is confusing me .. do tell?

Leslie girl hello there .. I love to see fog once in a while .. it showers us with such an atmosphere doesn't it? How is the new little quilting project going ?