Sunday, 28 July 2013

Old, New, and "what is the name to this one??"

Saturday was a killer garden day.
I have been missing my "Shadow Shot" meme because the weekend seems to be the time I have to spend hours watering the garden and then trying to recuperate afterwards.
Some times I just want to fall to the ground and cry like a baby.
This drought caught me by surprise .. how can that be? I know we have a drought cycle every summer.
I think we got spoiled by the cool wet Spring and enjoyed it so much that I totally forgot to be prepared for this blanking weather and drought !
I snapped some pictures before the big watering mission started though .. because once I water .. I crawl into the house and down a few G2 drinks to hydrate and become human again ?
So here are some plants .. and I need help with one in finding out what type of hydrangea it is.
I bought it a few years ago to help camouflage the AC unit .. I love it .. wish I had another one .. but for the life of me I can't find the tag ... from a few years ago.


It has small leaves ... a moderate lace cap .. a structure that is easily pruned to what I like .. almost vase like.
This is going to drive me nuts until I find out what it is .. meaning I have to go through all my plant tag boxes yet again ... BIG sigh !
Now for one of my oldest day lily
Frans Hal .. oops just one "L" in Hal .. I don't go for bi coloured usually but this was one of my first, so I made an exception ?

Pardon Me .. lines one side of the front border .. blooming it's little head off !

Little Grapette lines the other side of the border also blooming it's little head off .. you have to love hard working day lily !

Now for something special to look forward to in the Spring ......
A dwarf reblooming lilac in pink .... with SCENT !! .. it is only a wee baby right now, but I have high hopes for it !

A few shrubs, ferns, special geranium and hosta in the front border by Bloodgood Japanese maple.

For Gracie .. I think you were talking about Color Flash Astilbe in red ..
I have Stop Light heucherella in front of it to pick up those colours ...
I also have the `Lime`version of Color Flash in the back garden and they both share that soft pink flower head ... both very pretty !

Finally a shot of one of my most important garden tools .. pink buckets, so I can find them fast!
So much work to do if I stop too often I won`t  start again .. so getting these pictures was near to a miracle !


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great looking garden, lots of variety. It is hard to tell if the hydrangea is a lace cap or a paniculata. It reminds me of one I saw last weekend (Quick Fire) but I think Quick Fire can get eight feet tall without pruning. There are so many hydrangeas now I can't keep them all straight.


Leslie's Garden said...

All your hard work has really paid off! I hate watering the garden! We are in our dry period too. July was very wet, though. Not much good in my garden this year. I'm already thinking of next year!


That's it, Joy Dear! I am going to see if I can find Color Flash Astilbe. I love that foliage and with pink flowers, what's not to love? Thank you for sharing! Well, I'm sorry for the dang drought but your garden looks absolutely stunning despite the weather. My lawns are brown. I wish I could keep them green but no matter what I do they just take a hiatus in summer. Stubborn! Take care.


I almost forgot, could the hydrangea be 'Lady in Red'? I know she is a lace cap and not very red in my garden.

Barry said...

Its definitely a paniculata species, and judging from the colour I would say its 'Quickfire' - not a true lacecap [serrata] but definitely not the usual conical shape to the flowers either, as with Pinky Winky and Vanilla Strawberry.... hope thid helps!

CiNdEe said...

Everything looks so nice even your neighbors side(-: You have done so well with your garden and it is really showing off for you this year. Love the arch it looks great too!!!(-:

RURAL magazine said...

I love that Joy, as if you don't have enough to do, why don't you take some cuttings? I always have good luck with mine, and they don't get babied.

Loving your garden, so lush, so moist...what's it like to have shade?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : )
Thanks very much .. I do love loads of different plants!
I have Quick Fire in a different place and it can be a monster!LOL
You are right .. there are so many different hydrangea out there now that if you don't keep an eye on each info card you are sunk !:-(

Leslie hello there girl : )
It has been an awkward year .. started off well with a good amount of rain and then went flat .. August ? who can tell what this month is going to be like but here we are and I am too tired already !

Gracie girl hello there : )
I love my Color Flash and will get more if I see some next year!
Hey girl I have brown lawn areas too .. we don't water the grass .. I won't waste water on grass! LOL
Hiatus sounds good to me !!
I have to look that up .. but it doesn't get that red .. I am going to go through my tag boxes again and see what I can find .. it may just be a mystery forever ?

Hello sweetie : )I swear it is between panniculata and lace cap Barry because it doesn't have the definition of panniculata but just a smidge if that and yet not totally lace cap either. This is going to erk me for a long time!

Cindee girl thank you so much .. it is coming along .. slowly but surely ? I am pinning my hopes on next year for just upkeep ? is that possible ? LOL

Jen girl (thank you !) I wish I could send you loads of different cuttings (to keep YOU busy haha) and loads of shade to keep you happy ! LOL
I might just do that and see what happens ? Thanks for the suggestion!!

Balisha said...

Glad you squeesed picture taking time into your busy day. Everything looks so beautiful.

Marguerite said...

My guess was Quickfire too :) I have one and it's blooming in similar fashion right now. A monster you say? hmmm, I did notice it was getting pretty big for its britches this year.. perhaps I need to give it a little more room. I know what you mean about the dry spell. I was surprised a couple weeks back to find the dirt dry as a bone - how did that happen when we had so much darn rain?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Balisha girl .. yes, I call it "picture therapy"? LOL

Marguerite girl .. no, I have Quick Fire under the overhang of the front garden .. this one is more delicate and some how refined .. sounds weird but that is my take on it .. I will keep trying to find out though .. I am determined !LOL