Thursday, 25 July 2013

The skies and the "Susans"

I have been "off" for some time and it is hard to get back in the saddle? again.
You wouldn't think it would be .. but now I have a back log of photos ... the garden is tired and worn from NO rain and lax watering .. I am tired of trying to keep up, yet I snap away with the pictures knowing things don't look to good.
Hence the sky shots with a few Susans and some bits and pieces ?

Now for something calmer ?

When I saw this owl at Home Depot .. I immediately thought of Cindee and her owls that set up their home near her home and garden.
A bee that loves Kent Beauty oregano .....
A fly that said "why not?" .....
My favourite shrub right now ?
Favourite echinacea
That variegated foliage is much prettier than what  you see in the photo.
The PINK of the flower is as well .. not a great day for pictures then.
This one is gorgeous too ... now if only I could remember what it is ? .. it is tall and varied in petal count.
This one is for Gracie .. Oh So Easy Cherry Pie with Golden Sage .. stuck in a corner where no one sees it but me!

So there it is ... the back garden ... worn and weary !



Worn and weary? Where?????? You silly girl. Your garden is FABULOUS! I love the Cherry Pie with the Golden Sage. What a beautiful combo.

And that owl is so Cindee, isn't it? And it has a rust look that appeals to me.

Is the Echinacea 'Tomato Soup'? I love the speckled foliage of 'Sparkler.'

Those skies look awfully dramatic. Did thy bring any rain? We've had absolutely no rain since the early part of May. It's freaking hot today--in the 90s again. It's starting to look a little worse for the wear. And so am I. :)

Cheers, dear friend.

Country Gal said...

Hey nice to have you back ! Everything looks great to me ! It has been dry here to but at least for the past few days it has been cooler and the humidity has left for now ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Rose said...

Your sky shots are fantastic, Joy! I can't believe with all those clouds you haven't been getting any rain. So many areas of the US have been getting drenched lately, but we've been lucky and only gotten some needed rain showers, so much better than last year's drought. Your garden looks anything but weary!

Seeing your oregano reminds me that I noticed I had added one of your photos of it to my Pinterest plant board. Now if only I remember to look at that next winter to remember to plant some:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie
We have had a few cool nights which has been wonderful (I should have taken advantage of them and gotten some work done!)
No it isn't "Tomato Soup" .. I haven't bought one of those yet .. it makes me crazy when I lose track of plant ID's .. not enough rain this year yet again for a lot of us sigh!

Hello Elaine girl and thank you : )
Yes .. the cooler weather has been wonderful .. wish it would stay!!

Hello Rose girl : )
Thank you .. they were on a day we actually had tornado warnings .. nothing happened around here though thankfully.
That oregano has been interesting and the bees seem to really like it too .. so I will also try and find it for next year myself!
We will have to remind each other?LOL

Balisha said...

Your pictures are so pretty. I love what appears to be a view of the walkway on the side of the house....and that Julia Child lovely.

RobinL said...

I would not call that worn and weary, it's lovely, fresh and green! For once, I can say that my garden is nice and green. We are having a nice, wet summer, and have never had such good garden year!

CiNdEe said...

Oh love your little owl(-: Your yard is beautiful. Everything is so lush and pretty. I know you are enjoying it so much! I am wilting here with the heat. I could use a little cooler temperatures(-:
Broke a molar a couple weeks ago had a temp. crown put on last week and it fell off today. So have to baby it along till Monday. I swear no more popcorn or anything hard and crunchy!!!!(-:
I have got a few things to share I just haven't gotten pictures. Maybe tomorrow I will get with it and do that. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Balisha girl and thank you .. yes , it is the long path along the side of the house .. I know gardens are not supposed to have straight lines .. but that is my one right there!LOL

Robin your veggie garden is amazing!
All of your flowers are looking wonderful and we know the rain has really made that so much easier .. everyone deserves a good season once in a while to keep us going as gardeners right ? LOL

Cindee girl .. I have been there with the broken molar and I also swore never to crack candy in my mouth again .. I did it twice, so DUH?LOL .. Things are wilting here too girl .. it is so darn dry .. like cement .. I watered for hours yesterday .. I am exhausted today ... need to rest up again !
Can't wait to see some pictures girl!

Marguerite said...

Joy, your garden is phenomenal and so well kept! I can see where your time is being spent. I love the cherry pie/sage combo. You have a real way with colour.