Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ally-way Garden Tour

Today is a wonderful "pre" Fall day .. not too hot ... not too humid ... just right with some sunshine.
I am way behind this morning though .. you know those mornings when you intend to get up early and start your day off right ? Sheesh!!
In any case .. I thought I would do a quick tour of my ally way garden since it has been behaving itself rather well ... so far ! ... not perfect but what garden is to it's own gardener!

The grass has been burnt from the on and off drought we have had ... but walk around the corner and have a peek at the plants?
The mystery hydrangea which turned out to be "Summer Lace" from the "Forever and Ever" series really is a beauty ... I have been watching it turn from pristine white to deep rose pink.
Down the pathway the hosta, day lilies, ferns, grasses,Black Eyed Susans, sedums ... yes! I have jam packed a lot in the almost secret garden ;-) are all doing well .. the "gooseneck loostrife did it's thing and fills in the gaps where need be.
I hope to have the arbor gate straightened and a proper pathway done for next year .. fingers crossed!!
Delicate yet rather robust because it does put up with dry conditions for a while ... until I notice it sagging?
The next mystery hydrangea is the bottom one next to the goldenrod (another unknown name but my favorite goldenrod !) .. in any case .. it is a "big leaf" hydrangea that has NOT bloomed the last two years .. so I have no idea what the flowers are supposed to be like .. I am so hoping next year will be the one it blooms and I can figure it out!
Lastly is Sweet Autumn clematis budding away .. it will be smothered in small white flowers that smell lovely.
This clematis can be a bit of a thug I find so come Spring it gets cut back severely .. thankfully I have an understanding neighbor ? : ) haha


outlawgardener said...

Your ally-way garden is looking quite beautiful! Is that your neighbor's house on the other side of yours? Do you garden on both sides of the path? Thanks for this enjoyable tour!

Balisha said...

Love your ally-way.So many people ignore the side yards and ally-ways. Love what you have done here.
My Sweet Autumn is blooming right now...and it is beautiful. Looks like a cloud of white with bees buzzing.
Have a nice day.

Country Gal said...

Everything looks wonderful ! Fall like here to . chilly and damp here today now was sunny and chilly weather can change soo fast ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

RURAL magazine said...

So....I have a idea, let's transplant your garden right into mine...

That's a stunning collection of plants, and all of them are so healthy. Joy you had better come and visit and do some stuff for mine.


Rose said...

Lovely, Joy! I love the garden gate here, especially covered with Sweet Autumn. I've always wanted Sweet Autumn somewhere in my garden, but have been frightened off by stories of its spreading--I already have enough thugs:)

Did you do the plantings on both sides of the side yard? If not, you're lucky to have a like-minded neighbor.

Jan said...

It really looks gorgeous, Joy. I love how everything looks so lush and perky. The clematis on the trellis is striking, even without the blooms...but I'm sure they will be beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Gosh your side garden looks great Joy! I really like the mixture of textures and colors.
I have 2 hydrangeas that never bloom. They are older varieties that bloom on old wood and that old wood perishes each winter. So no blooms come spring! Hopefully your non-blooming hydrangea is not this type.
I have a new 'Sweet Autumn' clematis, but it is still in the pot. I can't seem to decide where to put it. I have heard others say that is can be a bit of a thug and keep hesitating not wanting to make a mistake. I am looking forward to having a fall bloomer though.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Outlaw !
Thank you so much : )That is my neighbor's house on the right hand side and I asked her if I could garden on that side too .. couldn't help myself ? haha

Balisha hello there : )
My sweet autumn has just burst out now .. and it is very pretty .. it lights up the alley way nicely now .. have to watch out for the bees though !

Elaine girl hello there and thank you .. it is raining lightly here today (Saturday) but we need it, so I am glad!

Jen girl hello there .. that is a great idea .. but then you have to transplant my whole house too girl!
I'll come over right now OK ? LOL

Hello there Rose girl !
Yes I garden on both sides .. got the "OK" first but I just had to do it if yu know what I mean .. it would be lop sided if it were just my side. Sweet Autumn can be a bit tricky .. so I understand.

Hello Jan girl .. yes, it can look lush when all the plants behave themselves ? LOL .. and yes the clematis works well there thankfully!

Hey there Jennifer girl ! Soon I will split the hellebore and your baby will be in the mail!
My two that aren't blooming , are not the older variety .. I stayed away from them ... so I don't know what the problem is other than transplanting too often ?
Yes , Sweet Autumn can misbehave so chose your site where you can control it easily .. but it will look gorgeous when it blooms!

Barbarapc said...

I'd say the Ally-Way is more an Allee. Well done, it looks so very pretty. Any chance you can 'super' mulch that hydrangea - may be one of those borderliners that only blooms on second year wood and its getting its little fingernails frozen. That or it just needs a good talking to - children, dogs and plants always seem to respond well when they know what's expected of them.

kacky said...

I think I posted but it disappeared-weird! Everything looks beautiful! Lush full and beautiful!!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Barb girl: ) Thank you !
Yes .. I think a GOOD talking to is inn order. It is one that blooms on old wood and new .. so it should darn well be blooming !! LOL

Kacky girl thank you : ) .. I dropped by and saw your gorgeous shots and that adorable COOPER ! what a sweet face that puppy has : )


Hopefully that mystery hydrangea will bloom for you next year. The entire garden looks fabulous. When you say, not perfect, I'm like, whaaaa? Looks damn perfect to me! So there. :)

Anonymous said...

omg Joy! Your garden looks amazing. Everything always looks so healthy but wow girl. You've done a wonderful job. LOVE that beautiful hydrangea. I wish I could get some of mine to bloom. Darn it.
btw, I stopped by because I planted another 'Maypop' this year and guess what?? It's blooming!! I cannot believe it. Glad I tried again. I guess I found the right spot for it. Hope you are doing well.