Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Little Lamb/Wordless Wednesday ?

The HUGE flowers Little Lamb produced this year are already cut off .. so these are the secondary flowers left to leave it looking pretty still .. it was a stellar year for this hydrangea : )


RURAL magazine said...

Joy -0 had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...and it was full of blooms.



What a beauty she is. I've never heard of 'Little Lamb' but she looks much nicer than my 'Pinky Winky' which I left in a pot for too long and now is paying me back for my brutality. I kept telling it, you're in the ground now, you can grow unencumbered but it's still all hoity toity. Maybe next year. :)

tina said...

Hi Joy! Nice to hear from you! Halloween is on its way;)(

Your little lamb is delightful! Such a nice contrast of the pink and white. Your garden is looking beeeutiful too!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jen girl !
Yup ... she was totally full of herself !LOL

Hello Gracie girl : )
I can NOT believe you have never heard of this hydrangea .. a smaller, more compact one compared to Pinky Winky , which I have too!
Next year your Pinky will grow and bloom, no worries! haha

Hello Tina girl : )
Yes girl ... Halloween is on its way : ) Thanks girl !
Little Lamb had a gorgeous year this year .. also Little Lime .. I have two or three naughty ones that didn't flower but we shall see what happens next year!

RobinL said...

Your Little Lamb looks very much like my Endless Summer. I just adore the way it fades out into kind of a vintage coloring. I even adore how they look in the fall when the colors start to disappear.